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14 Benefits Of Surah Quraish | Virtues, Importance & Lessons

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After Surah Fil, closely similar to it in many aspects, Surah Quraish is the 106th Surah in the Quran. The Surah has four verses and delivers in Makkah. It is the sole Surah in the Quran, titled after an Arab tribe, and its name after the influential tribal group of Makkah at the time of disclosure, the Quraish.

After Surah Fil, which discusses the period soon before the Prophet’s (SAW) birth and how Allah slew Abraha’s army, which had traveled from Yemen to destroy the sacred Kaaba in Makkah, comes Surah Quraish.

The Virtues of the Surah Quraish

The Quraish were gifted with seven traits, the Prophet of Allah (SAW) says in a hadith. No one besides them or maybe after them will possess these traits. They were the guardians of the Kaaba and glanced after it. The water of Zamzam is under their obligation and concern. Allah gave them success over the individuals of the Elephant. The Quraish became the first to recognize Islam at the palms of the Prophet (SAW), and they included individuals who adored Allah alone for ten years before Hijrah. Allah revered them.

Surah Quraish Benefits

1. Double the benefits of Surah Quraish Wazifa

According to Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH), “Whoever recites Surah Quraish benefits is rewarded with 10 ‘good deeds’ a maximum of those who execute the traditional circumambulation of the Ka’ba and take a spiritual retreat in the Sacred Mosque.” Such a virtue undoubtedly belongs to someone who reverently worships Allah, the Lord of the Ka’ba, upholds the affluence of the House, pays attention to the message of the sanctuary with his spirit, and puts it into effect.

2. Protect You From Illness

Recitation heals cardiac conditions. You can also recite Surah Al Anam for this. You recited before daylight makes it simpler to acquire sustenance. The removal of food’s negative consequences. It wouldn’t hurt the eater to recite Surah Quraish benefits while eating, and it would cure all illnesses is done.

Allah would heal a guy with a heart condition if Surah Quraish’s benefits were read over water and poured over him, for this recite Surah Yaseen and Surah Duha. People with heart issues should recite this Surah, softly blow into some water, and then sip it.

3. To overcome unemployment

If someone is hungry and without a job, he should recite this Surah several times and pray to Allah SWT for assistance. Inshallah, by the grace of Allah SWT, he will discover a new profession and be shielded from food scarcity. Recite Surah Duha, which is beneficial for this too.

4. To make pregnancy easier.

We believed that reciting Surah Quraish benefits twice daily—once in the morning and once in the evening—would benefit women during pregnancy.

5. To protect from stone pain.

If a person suffers stone anguish, he should recite this Surah repeatedly for 11 days, blow on some water, and then drink it. Allah SWT will, inshallah, deliver him from the torture of stones.

6. The reward is equal to the Tawaaf

The benefits of reciting Surah Quraish will reward ten times as many persons doing Tawaaf and I’tekaaf as someone who has walked around the holy Kabah and remained in the sacred masjid for extended periods of prayer.

7. Way to Paradise

Whoever repeats Surah Quraish benefits frequently will be given one of the modes of transportation to paradise during the Day of Judgment, which will take him to a highly specialized area of heaven. Surah Mumtahina is also beneficial to recite.

8. Support with Financial Concerns

A person in financial difficulty or a manager of finances who retains this Surah al-Quraish in his possession will have access to food entryways. Recite Surah Al Anam, which is very beneficial

9. Recite During Obligatory Prayers

Reciting Surat al-Feel and al-Quraysh highly reward during obligatory prayers. The adverse effects of eating eliminate if this Surah repeats over it.

10. To avoid the scalding heat of Hellfire.

Whoever frequently recites this Surah shall be safeguarded from the wrath of damnation, according to Imam Muhammad al-Baqir.

11. Surah Quraish Benefits For Rizq

A poor person will quickly obtain food if they recite this Surah before daybreak.

12. Surah Quraish benefits for weight loss.

Recite surah Quraish three times after every meal and this will help with weight loss. If you want to speed this process you have to recite surah Quraish three times after drinking water.  

13. benefits of surah Quraish for marriage.

The benefits of reciting Surah Quraish reward you with a good proposal for marriage.

Recite surah Quraish 21 times in the month of Safar after the isha prayer and keep this in mind before reciting this surah before and after reciting durood sharif and make dua from Allah. Insha Allah with wazifa you will get a good proposal soon.  

14. To protect lives while on the mission.

In the unlikely event that you embark on an adventure and are concerned about your safety, your possessions, an enemy, or, on the other side, presuming someone is boarding an aircraft. They fear a plane may crash; therefore, before traveling, he should speak Surah Quraish benefits several times while Durood Ibrahim repeatedly blows on water and drinks it. He will be safe on his journey.

Lessons from the Qur’anic Surah Quraish

One of the numerous lessons to be taken away from this Surah is never to take Allah, the One who supplies sustenance and protection, for granted. Remember He gave them to you, and we should thank Him for sharing them. By submitting to Allah alone and doing what He commands, we may express gratitude to Him.

Allah’s due to worship if He provides for your needs and protects you from harm. Anybody who enjoys these two Surah Al Quraish benefits, in particular, should take the time to learn about the faith and utilize their worship time correctly.

The Importance Of Surah Quraish

This verse highlights several significant points, including:

We must use the blessings Allah has given us to glorify Him. We must worship Allah to express our gratitude for His mercies. Simply thanking Him in words is insufficient. We are not allowed to displease Him with the favors He has shown us. With the benefits of reciting Surah Quraish He has granted us, we cannot defy Him.

Allah gave some Privileges to the Quraish Tribe.

The Quraish were blessed because they revered the Kaaba and were its guardians despite not being believers. It comprised:

  1.  Allah brought them together to form a sizable and robust tribe.
  2. They could move continually and safely in both directions. They were neither robbed nor hurt when traveling on camels loaded with merchandise to Syria in the summertime and downwards to Yemen in the winter.
  3. They grant the privilege of maintaining the Kaaba.
  4. After the tribe became hungry, food gives to them.
  5. They protect from terror.
  6. Every other tribe revered them.
  7. Many strangers would travel to Makkah as merchants and pilgrims.
  8. When traveling north or south, other tribes were kind to them.

Moreover, A fantastic Perk Abul Hasan Qazwini has declared that anyone who fears his opponent or an ailment should recite Surah Al-Quraish. He will be protected from anxiety and disaster thanks to it. Imam Jazri cites this and claims that Surah has successfully used this goal.

This is cited by Qadi Thana’ullah Panipati in his Tafsir Mazhari. He claims that his Shaikh Mirza Mazhar Jan-i-Janan told him to recite this Surah in times of dread and peril and that doing so has been shown to prevent many disasters and sufferings. According to Qadi Thana’ullah, he has gone through it multiple times.


The Quran begins the Surah by mentioning the Quraish clan and the bounties Allah had bestowed upon them. As a result of protecting them and their beloved Kaaba from Abraha and his army, Allah was set apart from everyone else in deserving of adoration. Nevertheless, the clan installed idols to worship them inside the holy Kaaba.

The Surah Quraish benefits clan turned against the Prophet (SAW) when he preached the message of Islam and exalted Allah alone. This Surah advises the family to love Allah in particular. It is similar to an update and a reminder to them since He has the power to humiliate and destroy them, as He did with Abraham long ago.


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