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6 Major Benefits Of Reciting Surah Nuh | Lessons, Facts, & Revelation

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One of the Prophets sent by Allah (SWT) was Prophet Nuh (AS), to whom a whole Surah, Surah Nuh, has been devoted. In the Quran, Allah (SWT) has praised Nuh AS as

“Grateful Servant of Allah (SWT)” and “True Messenger of Allah(SWT)”

Both in terms of its location in the Quran and the order in which it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it ranks 71st. The Mufa’al’t, or short chapters, of the Quran, include this chapter, which can be found in Juz’ 29. The surah is referred to as “Nuh” because it tells the story of Noah (AS), a messenger of Allah (SWT), and his lifelong battles with disbelievers, culminating in their demise.

The revelation of Surah Nuh

This Surah is among the oldest to have been revealed in Makkah, but internal evidence from its content suggests that it was revealed at a time when the people of Makkah disbelievers’ hostility to the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) message of Islam had intensified and became highly active.

This surah tells the account of the Prophet Nuh, not just to tell a story but also to warn the unbelievers of Makkah, saying,

“You, O people of Makkah, are adopting toward Muhammad (upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessings) the same attitude as the people of the Prophet Nuh had adopted toward him.”

 If your mindset doesn’t change, you’ll reach the same conclusion as well. Despite not being explicitly stated anywhere in the Surah, the subject itself became evident given the context in which the story was told to the people of Makkah.

Lessons Taught by Surah Nuh

The Nuh (AS) narrative teaches us persistence and patience. For 950 years, he persevered to communicate the truth despite being scorned and derided. Despite his anguish, he persevered despite losing his wife and son in the water.

 In our daily lives, we will unavoidably experience heartache, loss, and challenges. We will surely be tested by those around us, who are usually our closest friends and relatives. Although this world is only transient, we have been given the assurance that our sacrifices will be rewarded in the hereafter.

You will be Punished if you Disobey Allah Almighty

Nuh (AS) forewarned his people that if they continued to worship other gods instead of Allah, Allah (SWT) would punish them. This could be used to describe a person or a group.

Avoid Making Fun of Others

Instead, those who did not believe in Nuh (AS) laughed and ridiculed him. Even if you don’t agree with someone, don’t make fun of them.

Ask for Forgiveness

The Most Merciful Allah (SWT) is constantly considering new methods to pardon His creation. Allah (SWT) will most likely forgive you if you truly beg Him.

Pay Attention to Allah’s (SWT) Command

Allah (SWT) gave Nuh (AS) the order to construct an ark with a few Muslims. They obeyed His instructions, which ultimately enabled them to survive the catastrophe.

Ask Allah (SWT) for Direction

Ask Allah (SWT) for assistance if you feel hollow inside or are stuck on something in particular, just like Nuh (AS) did when he was unable to persuade his followers any longer.

You Need the Assistance of Allah (SWT) to Survive

When Nuh (AS) pleaded with his son and wife to board the ark with him to survive the deluge, they refused and insisted on saving themselves. They were unaware that you cannot exist without Allah Almighty’s assistance.

Facts about Surah Nuh


Due to its importance, Nuh (AS) is named 42 times and is the subject of 115 verses in the Qur’an. He also receives the title of the 71st chapter or surah of the Qur’an. Surah Nuh has 227 volumes, 172 unrepresented and unique words, and a total of 965 words are in surah Nuh and was released around 620- 622 AD.

According to traditional commentators, Nuh’s (AS) prominence among the prophets can be attributed to several things, including:

It is said that he was the first Prophet after Adam since humanity had remained steadfastly on the monotheistic road until the people of Nuh sowed the seed of idol worship ( AS). Allah (SWT) tells us in Surah Hud that he sent him to his unbelieving people. He predicted a catastrophic outcome and the anger of Allah (SWT).

The act of making partners with or associating with Allah (SWT) is known as shirk, and he was the first prophet to warn against it.

He established shariah as the first prophet. He was also the first prophet whose adherents experienced punishment for disobeying him.

Additionally, Nuh (AS) was the only prophet or messenger who prayed for the devastation of his people.

Working with his resistant folks day and night was a kind, patient spirit. He tried to appeal to their sense both in private and in public. Either shout or keep quiet, depending on the situation.

He constantly went to the strong unbelievers of his country, despite their insults and threats. Over the nine hundred and fifty years of his battle, his unshakeable courage and endurance were tested.

Hadith about Surah Nuh

Ibn Abbas, may Allah (SWT) bless him, stated that:

“ all the idols among the people of Noah arrived among the Arabs afterward.”

 These honorable people’s names belonged to Noah’s people. Satan urged their people to build statues in their previous seating areas and name them when they passed away. They carried out this action, and up until the first generation perished and the information was gone, they were not revered.

Ibn ‘Asakir reported: Malik ibn Anas, may Allah (SWT) have mercy on him, said,

 “The Sunnah is like the Ark of Nuh. Whoever boards it will be saved, and whoever does not board it will drown.”

Abu Huraira that The Messenger of Allah (SWT), peace, and blessings be upon him, said,

“Shall I not tell you about the False Messiah of which no prophet has told his people before? Verily, he is blind in one eye. He will come with the likeness of paradise and fire. He will bring it and say it is paradise, but it is fire. Verily, I have warned you just as Nuh had warned his people.”

Surah Nuh Benefits

Benefits Of Reciting Surah Nuh

There are several benefits to reciting Surah Nuh that you may not be aware of. You must now include it in your regular recitation if you wish to benefit from both this world and the next. Some of the most significant benefits, both spiritual and material, are listed below:

1. Surah Nuh Benefits in form of Rewards:

  • One who reads surah Nuh shall be regarded as one of the believers who have accepted Prophet Nuh’s invite and prayers, according to a hadith from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • An exalted position in paradise among the righteous and the gift of 3 gardens in the afterlife are two additional benefits of reading surah Nuh.
  • The Surah must be patiently recited in required and recommended prayers, and one’s intention must be solely for Allah Almighty.
  • Other advantages are also highlighted, including having more riches and kids as well as having all of one’s wishes and requests fulfilled.

2. Ease from Enemies is Surah Nuh Benefit

If an adversary teases him without justification and he wishes to lose his respect, he should recite this Surah 111 times for 11 days. Inshallah, he will be free from the adversary and his adversary will vanish.

3. Benefits of Reading Surah Nuh for Success in Business

To increase commercial agreements, this Surah is effective. Those who recite this Surah eleven times daily for eleven days in their place of business. By the grace of Allah (SWT). His company will expand, and he won’t need to be concerned about any issues or losses.

4. As Faith Increases, Surah Nuh Benefits

Reciting this Surah will strengthen one’s faith. With the blessing of this Surah, if the enemy interferes with a good deed, he will fall backward.

When recited, Surah Nuh is very effective in increasing faith. It tells us that we will return to dust when we die and that Allah (SWT) created us from the earth. The Prophet also explained that Allah (SWT) spread the earth out for us to live in. This Surah also removes obstacles to doing good deeds. It is the most important Surah in Islam, and it should be recited daily.

Surah Nuh (Nooh) is the greatest if you wish to strengthen your belief in Allah (SWT) and believe that you need to develop a stronger bond with the Creator. The most crucial component for bringing all of your wishes into reality is faith. It also helps in preventing specific diseases. If someone recites Surah Nuh before going to sleep they will be saved from poisonous animals and brutal death.

5. Its Effect on Attracting Love

The benefits of reciting Surah Nuh have two distinct effects on love. First, it increases the feeling of intimacy. Second, it promotes the recognition of one’s beloved. Love is a state of intense yearning. Sometimes it comes in the form of shawq, which is experienced when a lover is far away from his beloved. And sometimes it comes in the form of uns, which is experienced when a lover is in his presence.

6. Surah Nuh Gives Hope

One of the major Surah Nooh benefits is that it gave hope to the people of Mecca. The story of Noah in the Quran is another benefit of Surah Nuh. The story is historical. It took place during the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) time in Mecca when Islam was young and the number of believers was small. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was facing pressure from the non-Muslim population of Mecca. Hence, God narrated the story of Noah. Noah was a similar type of person to people during the time of Muhammad (SAW), and his story also provides hope for those in our times.

Surah Nuh Ayat 12 Benefits

“And will provide you with wealth and children, and will bestow upon you gardens and

Rivers.” [12]

The notion that man’s rebellion against God makes him lead a miserable life both in this world and in Eternity has been stated multiple times in the Quran. Contrarily, if a civilization chooses to follow the path of religion, piety, and devotion to divine precepts instead of disobeying them, it benefits from this both in the here and now and is showered with blessings of every kind. According to Surah Taha, whoever disobeys my warning will lead a miserable existence in this world, and upon the Day of Judgment, We will awaken him blind. (Verse 124).

According to Surah Al-Maidah, if the followers of the Book had followed the Torah, the Gospel, and the other Books that their Lord had sent down to them, they would have received an abundance of nourishment from both above and below. (Verse 66).

The people of the communities would have received lots of gifts from the heavens and earth if they had trusted and followed the path of righteousness, per the Surah Al-Aaraf. (Verse 96). The Prophet Houd (PBUH) commanded his followers in Surah Houd, saying: “And O my people, request mercy of your Creator, then turn toward Him in repentance, and He will unlock the gates of the heavens for you and increase your power.”(Verse 52).

Directly from the Prophet (PBUH), The Makkans were warned in this particular Surah Houd: “And you should ask your Lord’s pardon, then surrender to Him, and He will grant you abundant provisions of life until an allotted term.” (Verse 3). Based on a Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) told the Quraish that they had a choice that would give them the power to dominate both the Arab and non-Arab worlds if they chose to accept it.

Following the same guidance from the Quran, Umar reportedly went outside during a famine to ask Allah (SWT) for rain while pleading only for His pardon. O devoted leader, you haven’t yet requested for rain, the populace cried out.

Then he read these passages from Surah Nooh to them after saying, “I have pounded at the portals of heaven from whence the rain will be sent down.” (Ibn Jarir, Ibn Kathir).

Similar to this, when someone complained of famine in Hasan Basri’s gathering, he told him to “beg pardon of Allah (SWT).” Another fellow bemoaned his lack of wealth, a third stated he was not graced with kids, a fourth said his crop had failed, and he kept on reminding everyone to ask Allah (SWT) for mercy. People questioned: How is it possible you have given everyone the same treatment for their various complaints? He responded by reciting these Surah Nooh verses to all. (Al-Kashshaf).


Surah Nuh Ayat 12 benefits are unbelievable. It promises forgiveness, verdant gardens, rivers, and five great material Bounties. It also promises absolution from disbelief and prosperity in the Hereafter. It is one of the most inspiring and uplifting verses in Islam.

This surah was revealed during the time of Prophet Nuh before his Hijrah (migration) to Madina. It is one of the oldest Surahs revealed in Makkah. It was revealed at a time when Islam was facing strong opposition from the people.

The Prophet Nuh called people to Islam and was hopeful that people would respond to the message. He hoped that if people were willing to follow his message, Allah (SWT) would forgive them. Unfortunately, many people resisted the Prophet’s call. Especially the Quraish, people shut their ears to the Message.

Its importance cannot be stressed enough. It addresses the problem of human weakness. The Prophets of God are the first Messengers sent to humanity. The Qur’an gives details about them. For instance, Noah was the first Prophet whose followers were not more than ten. Noah’s call is discussed in the blessed Chapter of the Quran.


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