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12 Powerful Benefits Of Surah Noor | Ayat 35 Benefits  

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Surah Noor is the 24th surah of the Quran and was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the city of Medina (Madani Surah). There are seven occurrences of this word in this Surah, hence it was given the name Noor, which signifies Light.

Specifically, verse 35, in which Allah Almighty is addressed as “light,” inspired the book’s name, “An-Nur” (light).

“the Light of the heavens and the earth”.

The Surah Noor benefits in a different way and it has several famous passages that address forbidden acts in Islam, such as adultery and the lack of modest dress for women.

The Noor verse, which describes God as the source of all light in the universe, is often regarded as the most significant part of this Surah.

This holy surah exhorts all believers, but especially women, to maintain chastity and cleanliness, and Islamic narrations highlight the role of women in both teaching and reading this Surah

Revelation Period

According to scholars who have studied the Qur’an, this Surah was given to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the occasion of slandering Sayyidah Ayesha (May Allah be pleased with her), who accompanied the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this campaign, during the battle against the Bani Al-Mustaliq, which took place after the Battle of the Trench in 6 A.H.

Commandments in Surah Noor

1) The majority of its teachings concern liberating society from sexual defilements, and this goal has been established in a variety of ways, allowing it to be interpreted as the Surah of virginity, chastity, and the struggle against sexual defilements:

In the second verse of this Surah, the severity of the penalties for adulterers and adulteresses is made clear.

2) There are stringent prerequisites for carrying out this harsh penalty according to Islamic law norms. If a husband suspects his wife of cheating, he must implement the “Li’an” (Conjugal Anathema) plan, which we shall discuss in further detail below.

Also, anybody accusing another person of adultery must provide four witnesses to the alleged affair. Even if the accuser is unable to demonstrate adultery in an Islamic court of law, he will be severely punished (one-fourth of the statutory penalty for fornication) to deter others from falsely accusing others of the crime. If he did not comply, he would have the same consequence.

 3) The famous story of “Ifk” and the accusation made against one of the Prophet’s wives are discussed.

After explaining this topic, the Holy Qur’an makes it very evident how grave the sin of spreading falsehoods against good people is.

4) The Surah describes one of the most effective techniques for dealing with sexual immorality, debunking the common belief that Islam is mainly concerned with punishing those who do wrongdoing.

It addresses the issue of preventing men from gloating over women and women from casting amorous, coquettish, or lecherous stares at men since these are two key causes of sexual aberrations.

Also, until impurities are eliminated, no cleansing can take place.

5) The commandment of a plain marriage is also supplied as a means of discouraging impurity, hoping that the legal expression of sexual desire would reduce the prevalence of its unlawful counterpart.

6) The idea that a husband and wife may sometimes desire to be alone and isolated is discussed, along with certain etiquette norms and parenting principles for parents. Because of the risk of psychological damage to the children, no one should enter their rooms without being invited.

To do this, it specifies further norms for family life, some of which may or may not address sexual matters.

7) Some of the doctrinal difficulties including the belief in the creation of the cosmos, the resurrection of the dead, and the validity of prophecy are stated before these debates since they provide the foundation upon which all practical and ethical endeavors are built.

In the absence of such a foundation, no stem, limb, leaf, flower, or fruit can develop.

Alongside talks of faith and virtuous acts, a few other pillars of Islam are covered, including the formation of the worldly government by the believers. The Surah is an all-encompassing collection of writings.

Surah Noor Benefits

If we are lucky, we will not forget to recite this surah on occasion, which will allow us to take use of the benefits it offers.

Surah Noor Benefits in Skin Conditions

Surah Noor has tremendous value in treating skin conditions.  Skin conditions may also be helped by reciting this surah.

If you suffer from severe acne or just wish to give your skin a more even tone and texture, this surah Noor for a beautiful face is an excellent option.

If a woman doesn’t like the way she looks, she may have problems finding a husband and accepting marriage offers.

Those who have had marriage offers declined due to imperfections in their appearance may find solace in this dua for a beautiful face that would leave their skin radiant and youthful.

If you have any facial skin issues, like blemishes, scars, acne, or anything else, reciting Surah Noor regularly will earn Allah Almighty’s favor and heal your skin.

Protect your Children

The benefits of Surah Al-Noor are many.  is recommended that you recite this surah on a daily basis in order to protect the purity of your children. The female members of your household won’t be able to leave the house thanks to this measure. Surah Alam Nashrah increases a person’s prosperity.

Angels Plead for Redemption

According to the source, reading Surah Noor is the only method to ensure one’s sexual impulses remain intact.

They will be accompanied to the afterlife by seventy angels, each of whom will pray and beseech pardon on their behalf before entering the grave. When a person reads the Surah Noor on a regular basis, they will refrain from acting in inappropriate ways against their family.

If this surah is said every day, then no member of the family will ever experience adversity, and when the person who is reciting it goes away, 70,000 angels will follow his corpse to the grave and plead for his redemption. Reciting Surah Taghabun will also protect you from the torment of the afterlife

Love will not hurt

The benefit of Surah Noor is that whoever regularly recites it, will never be hurt by their loved ones during their lifetime, and when they pass away, 70,000 angels will accompany their body to the grave and beg for their forgiveness.

 This is the teaching of our cherished imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (RH), who stated that whoever regularly recites the Surah Noor will never experience any hurt from their loved ones. Surah Mumtahina is also beneficial for married life.

Ten Times More Reward by Allah Almighty

It is said that the prize for reciting this surah is 10 times more than the reward for believers, including men and women. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Whoever recites Surah Noor, God will give him rewards ten times more than the number of all men and women believers in the past and in the future.” Ṭabrisī, Majmaʿ al-bayān, vol. 7, p. 216.”

Surah Noor Prevents Sensual Dreams

Surah Noor benefits that sensual dreams do not come. If you write down this Surah Noor and place it under his pillow, he won’t have any dreams that are sexually suggestive.

Prevents Nightmares

If you recite it, it will protect you from having wet nightmares. The benefit of Surah Noor is that you will not be afraid of anything at the night. A worried individual will also find solace and safety after reciting Surah Al Kafirun.

Allah Almighty Forgives Reciter

If you want to be pardoned by Allah Almighty then recite this Surah by heart.

Surah Al Noor Benefits Women

It is useful for women in many ways. In this surah, Allah Almighty explained the rights of women and also explained their chastity of them.

“Imam Sadiq has said:

“Protect your property and preserve your chastity by reading Surah An-Noor and immunize your wives against deviations through obeying its commandments, because whoever continues reading this Holy Surah every day and night, none of his family members will commit indecency as long as he lives.” Ṣadūq, Thawāb al-aʿmāl, p. 109.

It is also narrated from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that it is among the rights of a daughter upon her father to teach her Surah al-Noor. Ṭūsī, Tahdhīb al-aḥkām, vol. 8, p. 112.

It is also narrated from Imam Ali (a) that he (a) ordered, “Teach Surah al-Noor to your women in which there is good advice.” Kulaynī, al-Kāfī, vol. 5, p. 516.”

Surah Noor Ayat 35 Benefits

The benefits of ayah 35 of surah Noor are:

For Good Eyesight

Ayah 35 should be recited and blown in front of your eyes. It will help you as eye drops for your eyesight.

Good Memory

If you want yourself and your children to have good memory be more acute and intelligent be more aware of your surroundings and also be enlightened with the Noor of Allah Almighty, you should recite 16 times before going to sleep. Reciting Surah Duha also preserves lost items till they’re recovered.


One of the most famous verses in the Quran, which is simply referred to as “Noor,” is found in the surah titled “Noor” (or “Light”).

In addition to that, this surah contains a number of Islamic prohibitions that prohibit obscene language, adultery, and the dissemination of immoral ideas.

The verse in this surah that discusses the wearing of the headscarf by Muslim women also includes instructions on how they should conduct themselves and what they should wear. This verse is among the most important in the whole book.

It is recommended that women recite the Surah Noor because doing so makes their faces more beautiful and helps them maintain their purity.


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