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Benefits Of Surah Naba | A Compilation Of Important Teaching Of Islam 

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benefits Of Surah Naba

The sacred book Holy Quran was revealed in parts. Lessons, warnings, and teaching are delivered to the Muslim ummah through the ayah and complete surah. The Quran thoroughly gives lessons to humanity. At the same time, the specific surah explains the specific events. But, in sura Al Naba, Allah salatu salam completes the deen in this surah. They are splitting this surah into 20 and 20 ayat that mention the earth-ending circumstances. 

  • Surah Naba is the 78th chapter of the Holy Quran. 
  • This surah has different names according to the aspects and verses. 
  • The truth-seeking heart has 40 verses that define the apparent teaching of Islam. 
  • However, it wraps up the numerous blessings through this chapter. It holds amazing benefits for readers. Surah Naba benefits the man in both worlds with khair. 

Now Let’s Go into details about Surah Naba:

The Meaning Of The Surah Naba:

When we look at the first verses of the surah Naba, the name Naba is mentioned in the second verse. That is:  

عَنِ النَّبَإِ الْعَظِيمِ

[Is it] about the Great Tiding

These are the questioning verses. The 78th chapter of the Holy naming NABA gives us to think about great tidings. What are great tidings? And what is Allah Subha no taala teaching us through this word? 

Allah is teaching us the incidents of resurrection and the hereafter. And the whole surah is devoted to the same theme. So, the other meaning of this surah is Amma, derived from the first verse. Ama yata a saloon. And then, it signifies the tasaaul, meaning questioning. And then, the muskrat. That means raining Clouds. So all of these names are mentioned in the first 14 verses of the 78th chapter of the Holy Quran. And the theme revolves around the day of Qiiyamah. 

The Blessing And Benefits Of Reading Surah Al Naba

Two narratives are found in this regard; both have a different chain of narrations. But the texture is the same. The text that e found regarding the blessings of the reading of Surah Al Naba is; the text says that a person who reads surah aa data so aloon. Allah Almighty will make him drink a cold drink on the day of judgment. This is the narrative that says about the benefits of surah Naba. 

Surah Naba Benefits- Ease After Death.

Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that whoever recites Surah Naba. When he ne dies, Allah will get him on ease during the hussab-0-kitaab in the grave. 

The Person Will Get The Reward Of Umrah And Hajj. 

Again, Nabi Kareem SAW said; the person who will recite surah Naba benefits will get the opportunity soon in one year for performing religious pilgrims. 

Unhidden Blessings Of Surah Naba

Another surah Naba benefit is, The Noble prophet and his eminence also said: 

Learn Surah an-Naba, if you know the countless bounties and blessings this chapter has hidden for you. You will never leave reading it, and leave everything else, only surah an-Naba and seek nearness to Allah. Allah will forgive all your sins except ascribing a partner to him. 

Surah Naba Benefits-The Person Will Stay Awake And Alert.

The person who wishes to be awake throughout the night. He should recite surah an naba. Due to its blessings, the person will be awake and alert throughout the night. 

Safety During Night trips

Surah Naba benefits the person for safety and protection. Who will recite suranh an naba? That will benefit them during night ventures or trips. The person will be safe from robberies or theft. 

Ease On Qiyamah Day

Whoever learns Surah An-Naba and memorizes it, his reckoning on the Day of Judgment will be as short and fast as performing a prayer. 7

Recite Surah Naba For Job Security Or Fear Of Rejecting From The Interview

The powerful surah rewards the person who will recite before going to a job or interview. The recruiters will decide in their favor. 

Surah Naba For Eyesight

The person who recites the surah Naba will heal from eye ailments. 

Benefits Of Reading Surah Naba After Asr

The powerful wazifa would increase the eyesight if it recited after the namaz of asar. 

Surah Naba Benefits From Worries. 

Suppose the person is continuously in trouble, worries, and tension. They should recite it daily. No worries will persist in his home. His life will be prosperous and flourish. 

Themes of Surah Naba

Surah Al Naba is broken up into seven parts. The first part, the third part, the fifth part, and the seventh part. 1,3,5,&7. All of them have to do with youm al Qiyamah. Like the day of resurrection. These sections ask about great events. Whoever disagrees will know soon. The section one is all about talking about the day of resurrection. 

Section three, Allah is saying: the day of separation has already been set when the trumpet will be blown into, all of you will come in large armies, and the sky will be opened up. And turned into doors. And the mountains shall start sailing. And look like a mirage. And you won’t believe your eyes. What day is this? It is judgment day. And the section covers all of the events. One section is about judgment day, and three are about judgment day. 

Now the 5th section explains that: those people didn’t expect the counting ever to happen. They didn’t hope for the accounting that could ever happen. And they used to deny the years. And we have everything recorded in the book. Now it’s the punishment for those. 

The last section, seven sections, is the final section of the surah, meaning that—the masters of the skies and earth. And whatever lies between them. The mote is excessively merciful. They are not going to be able to speak. They won’t have the power to speak a word that no creation can speak. On the day of judgment, no one can speak except Allah ar-Rehman, who gives permission. He shall speak upright. 


Surah Naba is the 78th chapter of the HOLY Quran with 40 verses. It is Makki Surah and states the events of the resurrection day. This surah discloses the happening and answers for disbelievers. This chapter is the first chapter of the final juzz. That is also known as juz amma. This surah an naba benefits and blesses the readers. Again, the guidance is for those who choose the righteous path. Allah Salato salam gives us his mercy and blessings. 


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