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12 Major Benefits of Surah Lahab | Importance & Lessons

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12 Major Benefits of Surah Lahab

This Surah was revealed to condemn the behavior of one of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) relatives who disregarded the Prophet’s teachings.

During the time of the Prophet (PBUH), Abu Lahab was a major enemy. He had no fear of Allah and betrayed him with a variety of wicked actions. He was also the uncle of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He tried to harm him but was unsuccessful.

Abu Lahab was not a true believer in Islam. He lied about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and opposed him tooth and nail. He even barred people from hearing his sermons. He also participated in the agreements of enemies of Islam. Despite all these, he was not saved. Eventually, Abu Lahab died without faith in Islam.

This Surah warns against the evils of pride and arrogance. It also emphasizes that true messages have to be presented in all circumstances.

Meaning of Surah Lahab

Abu Lahab was the Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s uncle. His complete name was Abdul Uzza bin Abdul Muttalib. Abu Lahab and his wife were one of Muhammad’s most forceful opponents.

The Qur’an describes Abu Lahab in very harsh terms. He tried to frustrate the Holy Prophet (PBUH), even to the point of throwing stones at him.

The Qur’an mentions that Abu Lahab will enter Hell. This is why Abu Lahab is named in this Surah. He will be placed in a turbulence fire.

His face’s magnificence earned him the moniker Abu Lahab. His name, “Lahab,” meaning “flames” in Arabic, originated from his brilliant reddish coloring.

Abu Lahab is Muhammad’s only direct family member who, although belonging to the same family, joined the hostile Quraish. This is the reason Abu Lahab is cursed.

Furthermore, when the Prophet’s whole family was subjected to a social boycott, Abu Lahab joined opposing tribes in signing the agreement that subjected the Hashim clan to a thorough social boycott in an attempt to starve them to death.

Surah Lahab in Arabic

Surah Lahab in Arabic Translations

Surah Lahab in Urdu

Surah Lahab in Urdu Translations

Surah Lahab in English

Surah Lahab in English Translations

Importance of Surah Lahab

Surah Lahab(Makki surah) warns against falsehood and hypocrisy. It also emphasizes the Prophets’ mission and human nature. It reveals the reality of the struggle for truth.

 The real struggle between truth and falsehood is the path of true believers. However, the path to truth is not easy and may include fighting one’s enemies. The true believers are rewarded with victory and the non-believers are destroyed.

It also tells people to remember Prophet Muhammad’s mission. It explains that Prophet Muhammad came to warn people about the consequences of arrogance, unfaithfulness, and denying the truth. It warns against falsehood and hypocrisy and teaches people to obey Allah.

Surah Lahab reveals the reality of the struggle for truth. It tells people that true believers are strong and victorious. It also tells them that their success will be in their battle for truth.

 It warns them that they must be strong and sincere in their faith. They should not be afraid to fight their enemies for the truth.

Surah Lahab Benefits

Despite its name, Surah Lahab is not just an Islamic text that can be benefited only from enemies. It also has a lot to offer to the believers. Here are some of the benefits of Surah Lahab that you can apply to your life.

Protection from Enemies

If someone has an adversary who is eager for his blood, they have a problem. He does not cease to do him harm at any point in time.

Therefore, He should pray to Allah SWT and recite this Surah 41 times before and 11 times after reciting Durood Ibrahim 11 times. He will be protected from the harm he does, in the name of Allah. He will be protected by Allah SWT from all of his adversaries.

Surah Lahab Benefits for Infatuation

In the event that one person’s feelings for the other go unrequited or infatuation has happened. Therefore, to put a stop to unfaithful love, read this Surah 71 times between the prayers of maghrib and isha. Imagine that the two groups of individuals are kept apart.

Bismillah and the Durood Pak are not to be said. There will be an end to love, in sha Allah. They will eventually find the way that should be taken.

Get Rid of Health Problems.

Regarding health, Surah Lahab’s benefits are many.  If you are experiencing chronic problems, reciting this surah can help relieve the discomfort you are feeling.  It can also cure all types of illnesses and ailments. For curing different ailments, you can also read Surah Mumtahina.

Wazifa for Stopping Your Transfer

If you are expecting an unwanted transfer in your job. By reciting this surah you will get your desired results. After you have finished doing the Maghrib prayer, you should recite this surah 17 times if you do not want to move to a different location or change jobs. In addition, say some prayers that your transfer will not go through for whatever reason.

Bring the Violent Behavior under Control.

You will find that reciting this surah helps you better manage your emotions and behave less aggressively. This is a significant threat to the survival of human people.

A Hellish Risk

This surah conveys to the one who reads it the idea that the pleasures of this world might lead a person straight into the fires of hell. So, live a simple life.

Surah Lahab Benefits of Safety from Opponents’ Harm

If your foe is standing in front of you and intends to hurt you, you should fight back. Then recite this section of the Qur’an seven times. After that, he won’t be able to cause you any more trouble.

Reminds of Allah’s Might

This surah should serve as a constant reminder to whoever recites it that Allah has all power. Everything is possible for him. But it is impossible for anybody to do so without His approval.

Advice to Perform Noble Practice

This surah serves as a warning to Muslims that if they do sinful acts, they will not be exempt from the consequences of such actions. So, perform noble things in life.

Surah Lahab Benefits as a Talisman

Keeping a Surah Lahab as a talisman is an effective way of protecting oneself from all types of difficulties and dangers. This is because of the fact that this Surah acts as a protection from Jinn, accidents and evil actions of people.

 The benefits of reciting Surah al-Jinn include protection from jinn shaitan heart diseases and ailments. Same to Surah Yaseen, this is also a good remedy for pregnant women.

The Protection from Night Terrors

Keeping a Surah as a talisman also gives protection from night terrors and Shaitan. This protection is provided by seventy thousand angels.

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) narrated that if someone recited this Surah, he would be protected from all kinds of problems at night. It is also said that it acts as protection from Shaitan in the morning.

Surah Lahab Benefits, Cure from Insomnia

 Keeping this Surah in writing is also a great way of curing the aches and pains that people suffer from. This Surah can also act as a cure for sleeplessness and restlessness. Going before bed, you can also recite Surah Al- Alaq for sound sleep.

Lessons in Surah Lahab

Among the early criminals of Islam, Abu Lahab and his wife are mentioned quite a bit in the Qur’an. They were the two worst enemies of early Islam. They are also the ones that were most likely to prove the Holy Book wrong.

The Qur’an’s Surah Lahab has many mentions, but it’s the tenth verse that gives the most detail-rich description of Abu Lahab’s deeds.

The Qur’an is full of the old standbys, so a little research can go a long way in making the most of it. For example, in this particular verse, Allah tells Abu Lahab that his route will not benefit him.


Several of Allah’s Messengers warned people about the consequences of unfaithfulness and arrogance. They also warned people about the evils of hypocrisy and indecency. They told them to obey Allah Almighty and follow His Prophets.

But some people rejected these messages and threatened to kill their Prophets. And then they began to ask for signs of the Qur’an.

Allah Almighty told Abu Lahab that his route would not benefit him. But he was arrogant and boasted about his wealth. He thought that wealth would save him from the trials of faith. He hoped that he would be able to win the battle against Islam.

Abu Lahab repeatedly cursed the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He even tried to kill him physically. He took a cowardly way out. But he was never able to prove his prophecy to be false.

Allah Almighty revealed many signs in the nature, history, and stories of the Prophets. These were meant to point out the truth of the Qur’an and lead people from darkness to light.

But the truth prevailed over the falsehood. Hence, the Prophets are to be praised for their courage in preaching the truth.


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