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14 Benefits Of Surah Infitar | Lessons, Importance & Facts

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The surah infitar ( Makki Surah ) found in the 82nd chapter is revealing the exhausting description of the judgment day. As it is mentioned: there are signs and symbols for believers. So, one must believe in the end of the world (Qayamat) day. Allah is directly communicating with the believers in his magnificent Book about the things that happen on judgment day, Angels are recording the deeds of a man, and resurrection day benefits and punishments. 

It consists of 19 verses explaining the portion regarding signs, Man untrust on the creator, Guardian angels, statements about wickedness in hellfire, and believer shall be rewarded. Additionally, all the events will happen on judgment day. 

Let’s explore the meaning and go deep to find out what is hidden in it for Muslims. 

What is the Meaning of Surah Infitar?

The word infitar is derived from the word mentioned in the first verse of this chapter al fatarat. Al infitar الانفطار meaning cleaving in Sunder, The splitting of the Sky, or bursting the sky. The first verse of this sculpture explains the Sky will burst out on the day of the resurrection. The believer will see on that day how Allah’s manuscript will prove and this surah has strong signs for them. There is a point toward the stars, eruption of the earth, detail about the graves, Allah’s karamat, an explanation about the two angels, rewards for good deeds, & wrongdoers’ punishments.

Benefits Of Surah Al Infitar

The benefits of surah infitar come with amazing blessings that will eliminate you from any kind of problem in the world and akhirah. 

1. Cure from Black Magic

If someone is possessed by bad evils and magic. There is treatment for them in the Holy Quran. The surah al infitar benefits are to keep you under Allah’s protection from any evil spirits and black magics. 

2. Fruitful Rewards and Blessings

In Majma ‘ala’ bayan the Nabi SAW narrated that whoever recites the surah al infitar will be rewarded with endless blessings and Allah will shower his benevolence upon him on the judgment day. He will be rewarded equal to the number of all graves and ten times more than the number of raindrops and snowflakes. Now, why will the disbeliever not understand the karamat of this beneficial surah? Only, believers will understand and enjoy the prosperous rewards from it. 

3. Allah Will Forgive the Person 

It is narrated by Imam Jaffar as-Sadiq (a.s): Whoever recites Surah al infitar will be forgiven even if his sins are equal to the rain drops. (Fawaid-e-Quran)

There is a doorway of forgiveness through al infitar your all dua’s will be answered through this. 

Benefits Of Surah Al Infitar

4. Spiritual Healing

Another benefit of surah infitar is the ultimate way to get spiritual healing. If you are suffering from depression, illness, worries, and any other suffering God will make your way out of it. 

5. It Will Strengthen The Eman

The people who will recite the surah al infitar will get the benefit of refreshing Iman and get admired by his society. 

6. God’s Protection

The next surah infitar benefits are narrated by Ja’ffar Ibn Muhammad al Sadiq (PBUH): the person who will recite surah al infitar, surah al inshiqaq, and keep it in mind during obligatory prayers. There will be no veil between him and Allah. 

7. Fulfilling Wishes and Desires

Other surah al infitar benefits include: IN HADITH, it is stated by al-shaykh al-Sadyuq, that whoever recites surah al infitar shall be rewarded with every desire and wish that comes true. The person who will do Islamic obligations and fulfill his Islamic duties with the recitation of infitar there will be no veil between him and Allah and he will be benefited with Allah’s mercy and blessings.

8. Away from All pains on the Day of Judgment

The person who will continue to recite the surah infitar will be away from pain, prison, scandals, and sufferings on the day of reckoning. 

9. Surah infitar Benefits of EyeSight

The person who will recite surah infitar will strengthen his eyesight and heal eye pains.

10. Allah will Protect Him/Her on Resurrection Day 

The recitation of this surah will take them to the high level of Darjaat with endless benefits from Allah. Allah will protect that soul on the final day and reward him with his benevolence. 

11. Free From Imprisonment

Another surah infitar benefits includes if the person is under the trial of a court case then he/she should recite the surah al infitar 70 times. With Allah’s grace, they will be acquitted with respect. 

12. Surah infitar benefits for Fever 

In case your babies are not recovering from medicines. Then don’t worry, surah al infitar will give you tremendous benefits for recovering the illnesses in babies. You will just have to recite the surah and blow on the water and give this water to the child. Soon the child will recover from it. 

13. Healing From Depression, Anxiety, & Stress

Do you feel stressed out in dealing with any public matter? Are you not able to talk confidently in public? Then you must recite the surah al infitar that will give you strength, power, and confidence. It is one of the greatest benefits of surah infitar. 

14. Acceptance of Hajat

Recite surat al infitar for acceptance of hajat 7 times a day. You will see your wishes come true in no time. 

Lesson From Surah Al infitar To Mankind:

The Quran is directly questioning the man through surah infitar. That is where his attention is? and if he is fulfilling all his duties, obligations, and responsibilities expected by Allah? Allah is asking from us through All of the profits, money, health, wealth, and prestige in the world are due to Allah in terms of the good deeds he rewards you. 

Why are you in darkness to not see the light of such a gracious Lord? Remember that, indeed all the believers will be tested and rewarded and their deeds will be presented to them on the day of judgment where your command will be in Allah’s Hand. Where will you run that day? 

Facts and Revelation of Surah al Infitar

The surah infitar was revealed on our beloved prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him in his early days of proclamation during his prophethood. It is revealed in MECCA. This surat is stating all the signs and events that happened on the day of judgment. Additionally, the wrongdoers and those who are on the right path will be rewarded or punished. 


“Al infitar surah is placed in 30th parah, 82nd surah with 19 verses. It is sculptured with the reflection of a devastating judgment day. All of the verses explain the event’s occurrence on reckoning day. The one who will disbelieve in all signs and symbols shall be entered in hellfire. But those, who believe all of his signs and believe in judgment day will be benefited with endless rewards that are the utmost return for their actions. So if you want to get success in the world and Akhirah make sure to do good deeds, fulfill Islamic obligations, say prayers, and recite al infitar that will ease you on the resurrection day. Allah will keep you in his protection and make the highest darjaat in Jannah. 

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