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11 Benefits of Surah Hashr | 2, 3, & 4 Ayat Benefits

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surah hashr benefits

Allah made the revelation of Surah Hashr to the Prophet Muhammad when he was worshipping in Medina. The verse in concern may be found in the 59th chapter of the Holy Quran.

The word “exile” derives from the second verse of the surah, which declares that Allah removed some of the People of the Book (Jews) from their homelands during the period of the exile. The word “hashr” is derived from this verse.

Additionally, the subject of how Muslims should deal with wealth that has been acquired without dishonest means is discussed in Surah Hashr.

Hypocrites are also explored in relation to the role they played in the falling away of Book believers.

The last chapter of the Quran, known as Surah Hashr, is dedicated to a study of the characteristics of Allah Almighty as well as his Perfect Names. The Surah Hashr benefits

 are also beyond the imagination.

The revelation of Surah Hashr

After the Prophet had moved to Medina, he began to negotiate peace treaties with the Jewish tribes who were in the area, most notably with the Banu Nar, Banu Qurayah, and the Banu Qaynuq. They did this in three very different methods, but it was successful.

After the Battle of Uhud, a Jewish commander by the name of Ka’b ibn Ashraf chose to stand with Abu Sufyan.

Banu Nar Jew Amr ibn Jash was the mastermind of the conspiracy to kill the Prophet.

Jews were responsible for writing terrible poetry that vilified the Prophet.

After a few days of making similar arrangements, the Muslims surrounded the Jewish stronghold and set fire to the date palms that were in the surrounding area in an effort to force the Jews to surrender. Following this victory, the Jews made their escape from Medina.

Surah Hashr Benefits

The benefits that are available to those who study Surah Hashr are immeasurable.

Surah Al Hashr Benefits: Greetings by Allah Almighty and His Angels

Whoever recites this surah will be greeted by the angels. The reciter of the Surah al-Hashr will also be greeted by all of the inhabitants of paradise, including Jannah and Jahannam, as well as the seven heavens and the seven earths. In addition, if he were to pass away at any point throughout that day or night, angels, heaven, sun, moon, winds, trees, mountains, birds, and would all see him as a martyr for his faith.

Get Protection from Angels

Surah Hashr benefits from getting the protection of angels. If you recite the Surah Ar-Rahman and the Surah al-Hashr, Allah will place you under the protection of a particular angel for the rest of your life.

As a consequence of this, the reader will experience feelings of self-sacrifice. If you recite both above-mentioned surahs an angel will never leave your side so long as you do so.

Surah Hashr Benefits in Increasing Concentration

Memory recall and concentration may both be improved by reciting the Surah al-Hashr over water and then drinking the water thereafter.

When recited in water, the verse Dam from this surah is very effective since it assists with difficulty concentrating.

Success in Every Task

Surah Hashr benefits your success. Its recitation can aid a person in succeeding in every task. By reciting this Surah, the procedure and your work will become easier and simplified for you. If you remember it, you’ll have better luck in whatever you do.

Surah Hashr Benefits to Fulfill your Legitimate Wishes

One additional method in which Surah Hashr might assist you in accomplishing what you set out to do. Perform a total of four rakats of the Salat or Namaz prayer. 

After you have completed reciting Surah Fatiha, it is time for you to recite Surah al-Hashr. This will enable you to complete all that has to be done, and he will be able to have pleasure in everything he is permitted to accomplish.

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Benefits Of Surah Yaseen Reading & Reciting                           

Surah Hashr Last 4 Ayat Benefits

While you apply pressure to the afflicted place and recite verses 21–24 of Surah Al-Ayat Hashr three times, please seek Allah’s healing. You should recite verses 21 through 24 of the Surah Al-Hashr whenever you have an earache.

Surah Hashr Benefits in Safety from Calamities

When the first verses of Surah Hashr are recited, the whole cosmos responds by clapping and cheering. Those who take the time on Friday night to study the verses of Surah Hashr will be protected from danger till the early hours of Saturday morning.

Taweez to Fulfil Desires

From a purely legal sense, all you need is to have Surah Hashr written and kept as a taweez, and you will have all that you need. Surah Hashr benefits and Surah Al An’am can also fulfil your desires.

Effective for Every Illness

 It is said in a hadith that whoever lays their hand on their head and then recites the last three verses of the surah Hashr would be healed of any illness or condition, with the exception of death.

Surah Hashr Last Ayat Benefits to Improve Memory

It is fostering improvements in one’s capacity for thought and memory. Someone who writes the surah Hashr washes it with clean water, and then drinks from it is said to have a sharp brain and an incredible memory, according to Abu Abdullah Ja’far ibn Muhammad.

Forgiven Sins

Having one’s sins forgiven by reciting Surah Hashr and Surah Al Alaq. The Prophet made the following promise: “All of your past and future sins will be forgiven to you if you recite the last three verses of surah Hashr.”

Wazifa for Having Success in Every Work:

  1. After reading Surah Al-Hashr on a regular basis for a period of forty days, even the greatest difficulties would seem to be surmountable. You are going to have no trouble completing even the most challenging tasks.
  1. If you haven’t sinned, reading the Surah Al-Hashr four times in a row every time you start anything new would bring you success in all you put your mind to doing.
  1. If you write this Surah on a porcelain plate, then wash the plate in water, and then give it to him to eat, he will cease forgetting things and will develop wisdom.
  1. Even the most difficult tasks will become manageable after reading the Surah Al-Hashr every day for a period of forty days.

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                           Virtues & Benefits Of Surah Taghabun

Fatwa about Surah al Hashr Benefits

“Praise be to Allah.

This hadith was narrated by al-Tirmithi in the: Book of the virtues of the Quran, Chapter: One who recites a letter of the Quran, what reward he will have. No. 2922. Also narrated by al-Imam Ahmad in his Musnad, no. 19795

Its isnad (chain of narrators) includes Khalid ibn Tahman of whom Ibn Hajar said: He is saduq (truthful) but was accused of being a Shi’i then he became confused. (Taqrib al-Tahdhib, 1644)

It was classed as da’if (weak) by al-Albani (may Allah have mercy on him). See Da’if Abi Dawud, 2922.

There are many dhikrs (words of remembrance) for morning and evening that are narrated in sahih (authentic) reports from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). See some of them in question no. 12173.

And Allah knows best.”


The Surah Hashr is a portion of the Quran that comprises verses that Allah revealed to the Prophet when he was in Medina. The departure of the Jewish community from Medina might serve as a jumping-off point for conversations on a wide variety of other topics. The next thing that the Quran does is detail the ways in which Muslims might achieve economic success without having to resort to violence.

The actions of immigrants are praised and discussed in Surah Hashr, in addition to being criticized throughout the chapter. The surah concludes by praising Allah for His magnificence and splendor and enumerating some of the names that are considered to be among His best. 

According to what the Prophet said, if you read the last three verses of surah Hashr, you would get forgiveness for all of your misdeeds, both in the past and in the present. If we recite this surah, then we will, by the grace of God, be rewarded for doing so.

It is promised that reciting Surah Al-Hashr would bring success in all aspects of one’s life. Those who make it a routine to recite it each day will be revered as martyrs after they have passed away.


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