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12 Benefits Of Reading Surah Dukhan – Ticket to Heaven

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Benefits Of Reading Surah Dukhan

Surah Ad-Dukhan has been revealed in Mecca on our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. This Surah is the 44th chapter of the Holy Quran. The meaning of the Dukhan is “smoke”. Allah warns the disbeliever in the form of punishment. Thusly, the word Dukhan is used and it is taken from the 10 verses of the Holy Sculpture. 

What is the Surah Ad-Dukhan All About?

  1. This Surah has 59 verses.
  2. It is Makki surah
  3. The main goal of surah Dukhan is to raise awareness among the disbeliever, who are hesitant about the truthfulness of the Holy Quran. 
  4. The Allah’s Manuscript chapter number 44 explains that the Quran Majeed Furqan-e-Hameed descends on the night of Lailat-ul-Qadar. 
  5. The goal and summary of this surah are just to realize the people and deliver, and guide the people. 
  6. This Surah is stating about disbelievers, who are hesitant due to their carnal desires. 
  7. They will be punished worldly or unworldly. 
  8. This surah, is a clear warning to those who don’t trust the truthfulness of Allah almighty. 
  9. This Surah has 3 axis. The monotheism, the Qiyamah, and the Quran. 
  10. Wrapping up all the events from Moses, bani Israel, the Pharaon, and the philosophy behind the creation. 

What is Dukhan Meaning?

AD-Dukhan’s Name is twice mentioned in the Holy Quran. Dukhan’s meaning is smoke. The first time this Dukhan word is signed toward the beginning of the world, and in the 44 chapters, in 59 verses. The Dukhan is stating about the end of the world. 

Benefits of Surah Ad-Dukhan 

In this article, we are going to explain the amazing Surah dukhan benefits. 

Although there are many surah dukhan benefits after research and thoroughly checking with referenced articles. We have reached the point of reference about a few authentic hadees-based Benefits that are described below. 

Benefits Of Surah Dukhan On Friday-Surah Dukhan Benefits 

A Way Of Forgiveness From Sins 

Allah Salato salam has blessed us with his endless mercies and blessings in this surah. In the narration of Abu Hurairah R.A, the messenger of Allah said that: Who will recite Ha-MIM Ad dukhan on Friday Night he shall be forgiven. at-Tirmidhi 2889

Another hadith stating confirms the forgiveness of the person. According to the Abu Hurairah RA 

Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon once said that: the person who will recite the surah Dukhan in the morning. Allah will stand 70,000 angels; those will seek his forgiveness from Allah.  Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2888

A Gift Of Paradise For Reciter

This is another amazing benefit you can get. Surah dukhan benefits the person in the house of paradise by Allah who will recite it in the morning. 

According to the hadith that is stated by HAFIZ-AL-MUNDHIRI reported that whoever recites HA-MIM AD-DUKHAN on Friday night or daytime. Allah Almighty will give him a house in paradise. 

Surah Dukhan Benefits In Maghrib 

Abdullah bin utba bin Masood narrated:  our prophet SAW was used to recite AD dukhan in maghrib for seeking forgiveness. 

Under Allah’s Peace And Protection On The Day Of Judgment 

This surah explains about the ending of the world to those who don’t believe. The momin will get a great reward by reciting this surah. The person who will recite surah ad dukhan in obligatory or supererogatory salats will rise on the day of judgment among those who were in peace and protected under Allah’s throne. Additionally, they will be provided their AMAL NAMA in their right hands on the day of the judgment. That is the direct symbol of paradise entry. 

Reward Equal To The Liberation Of Slaves

Surah dukhan benefits the person on each letter recitation which will be equivalent to the release of 1000 slaves at one time. 

Benefits Of Reading Surah Dukhan Paradise Entry 

Hazrat Abu Rafi narrated in Sunan Al Darimi that 

 Whoever will recite surah dukhan on the eve of the Friday. Will be rewarded forgiveness in the morning and will be wed to Huri with wide lovely eyes. 

Free From Nightmares

The benefits of reading surah dukhan are that the person will be free from nightmares. 

Benefits Of Reciting Surah Dukhan For Illness

The one who will recite surah dukhan on the china plate or write the surah dukhan on a plate and wash it with clean water. And drink water from this plate. It will benefit him/her from chronic stomach illness and constipation. 

Surah Ad-Dukhan Benefits Increase The Wealth

If the surah ad dukhan will be written and keep it in the trading premise. In days, you will see instant profits on your trading. 

Surah Ad-Dukhan Benefits From Drinking Water

The benefit of surah ad dukhan is that you recite it on the water and drink it. It will cure all stomach ailments. 

Surah Dukhan Multiple Benefits 

  • The person will be bestowed with good health. 
  • They will have prosperity in business. 
  • They will be protected from authorities. 

Major Issues Discussed In Surah Ad Dukhan Divine Law/Guidance/

In surah Ad Dukhan Allah Subhan no taala has stated that the Quran Majeed Furqane-e- Hameed was the descent on the night of Laylatul Qadar. 

The Quran testifies itself that it is not the manuscript of man But Allah, who is the Rabb of all creatures. 

The lessons are taken from Firon and Moses’ life. 

Allah delivered the children of Israel and chose them over nations, despite their weaknesses. 

The day of judgment is explained, on that day Allah will sort out all the matters. 

Stated the food and drinks for the people in hell, in comparison to the people living in paradise. 

A Brief Overview Of Surah Ad Dukhan:

This surah was revealed for the admonition and warning of people. It descended on the night of LaylaTul. On qadar. When Allah Almighty sent down his Rasool Allah to the world and decided their destinies in different hours on Rasool Allah. And Allah is not weak in his promises. Might be the promises changed to the people’s liking. If you worship another God than Allah because your forefathers were, then it is not the justification of your heinous sin. 


In short, in Surah Dukhan, the warning is given to the people who don’t believe. And the Quran Majeed Furqan-e-Hameed descends as a simple language that is easy for all to understand. Still, if you didn’t get your eyes and mind over it. Then wait for the disastrous end. Our prophet is too waiting, whatever will happen will be about to happen at the appointed time. 

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