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Learn Importance & Benefits Of Surah Al-Tariq | Scientific Miracles

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Surah Al-Tariq is a Makki surah placed in the 30th parah with 17 verses. The 86th chapter is explaining the 5 main characteristics that are about Allah’s decision, disbelievers, guardian angels, Man’s creation, and Allah’s Plan. The surah name At Tariq is taken from the first verse وَالسَّمَاءِ وَالطَّارِقِ. -and the meaning of Tariq is the bright star, night comer, or night star. 

In this surah Allah almighty oath of a piercing star that there is no soul who guards over it, there are watchers over you who continuously notice you on your actions. Furthermore, Allah swears for the day of judgment, man’s creations, guardians angels, and disbelievers. Indeed, the Quran is decisive and it’s not for amusement. 

Meaning of Surah At-Tariq:

Tariq is placed in the 86th chapter of the Holy Quran. Allah is stating the final words to mankind through this magnificent sculpture that must be under notice for the betterment of the final day. Surah Tariq means Night Comer or Night star, and it is pointing toward the scenarios that will occur after death.

The verses of this ayah explain that Allah is taking the oath of piercing the star, sky, and the night comer and telling us our creations from the fluid that is produced between backbone and ribs. Those who did arrogant behaviors, listen you will have no power and help on the final day when Allah will call you to his court. Allah further takes the oath of the Sky that will return and earth will crack and open. This book is only for believers and those who take the virtues and guidance from it, every Quranic word is decisive, if you are planning then Allah’s planning is bigger than yours.  

Benefits of Reciting Surah Tariq 

Reward on day of resurrection

The one who will recite surah Tariq will be rewarded and bestowed with an immense blessing from Allah. 

Spiritual benefits

Surah Tariq benefits the reader spiritually, as he/she gets to know about his creations. Eventually, they will bow down to Allah. 

Healing from anything 

Recitation of surah Tariq will give relief, healing, and peace from any harm and danger they feel. 

Safe for soul

The one who will read the surah Tarik will be free from any evil and magic. his/her soul will be safe and protected. 

Cure for Magic

The one who will daily recite surah Tariq has the merit for decoding magic and any harm from envy. 

Endless rewards and blessings 

 According to the hadith: Allah will add the person in the ajar and barakah list who read the surah Tariq. For the person who recites surah Tariq, Allah will reward this action ten times the number of stars in the sky. 

High rank in Akhirah

Benefit of Reciting surah Tariq will give you ajar in both akhirah and Duniya. As narrated by our Beloved Imam Ja’far as -Sadiq R.A: anyone who recites surah al Tariq after every obligatory prayer will get a high rank in Jannah. And he will earn the opportunity to be with prophets, close friends, and companions in heaven. 

Safety for anything

Surah al Tariq benefits from keeping your things locked. For example, if you blow on your very precious thing by reciting surah al Tariq. That thing will be protected and will never get lost.

Sure cure from ailments

Another benefit of reciting surah Tariq is that it is the best cure for any disease. If you take medicine and recite this surah then the medicine will be the sure cure for you. 

Healing wounds

Here are the most amazing benefits of surah Tariq is that if you dissolve this surah in water and pour that water on the wounds. Then you will see the wound will get healed soon by the grace of Allah. 

Removing the paranormal effects 

The benefits of surah al Tariq are so many. But here the most effective benefit is; it is a highly effective treatment for eliminating paranormal activities. 

Eliminates ghost 

This is very sure therapy for removing ghost possession in man. These benefits of surah Tariq will ease the man from demons, ghosts, and fairies’ possession. The one who will recite the surah al Tariq 111 times for 11 days. Insha Allah ta’ala will get free from ghost effects. 

Problem in work

Another surah Tariq benefits is that; if you face any problem in your occupational life. Then you must read surah al Tariq. The surah Tariq benefit is that all your problems will be solved at work. 

Collect a few members on Friday and recite surah Tariq. With the Surah Tariq benefits, any problem will be removed and will make your good reputation at work. 

What are the scientific miracles of surah Tariq?

Piercing Star- in Surah Tariq there is an explanation about the piercing star that was discovered lately by scientists. They discovered that there are pulsating stars that have gravitational forces to pull everything inside them. It produces hammer-like sounds. It is called cosmic hammers.

In the Quran, Allah stated the existence of the star approximately 10 years before the mission. 

But scientists discovered it in 1967. while the concept of the pulsating neutron was unable to be accepted at that time. This is a unique miracle by Allah that is being tested in today’s time by scientists. It is clear now, that what Quran is indicating has no doubt in any words and it is fully planned. Then, who is a disbeliever who doesn’t have faith in the existence of Allah? 

Surah Al Tariq last 3 Ayah benefits

  1. Surah Tariq’s benefits in the last 3 ayat are explained: that says indeed they are devising a stratagem. Here is the pointing toward the enemies. In the 15 verse, the word ‘kaid’ says a scheme that can be detestable or commendable. The one who will believe in the planning and schemes of Allah will get great rewards. 
  2. Ayat no. 16 explains the devising plan. That is only scheming by Allah and those who will rely on his plans and follow the rules stated by Allah he will get ajar on judgment day. 
  3. Allah will only diminish the plan that you are making and settle the plans that he said in the Holy Quran word by word. 
  4. According to verse 17, the last ayat explains what Allah is saying about letting the disbeliever get a gradual and long respite. It means that if the prophet watches the plan or schemes laid by enemies on the other hand Allah is also planning who is great in his actions. They will be punished for their deeds gradually. He should get them respite because Allah has the best plan for them. 

Among the famous verses of the Quran, Surah Al-Tariq (Surah Tariq) is one of them. It is one of the surahs revealed to Muhammad in Mecca. This surah talks about the Creator’s goodness and the resurrection of people. It also discusses the hereafter and the Day of Judgment. Surah al Tariq benefits especially ayat 8 are described below:

Surah Tariq Ayat 8 Benefits

Wazifa Resolving Job Issues

If there is a problem with the job that you have done. Therefore, you should recite this Surah 86 times on Friday. Gather a small number of people together for a prayer session every Friday for the next seven Fridays. By the grace of God, you will figure out how to solve your problem.

Creation of Man

The Holy Qur’an talks about the creation of man. It mentions the sperm drop which brings forth the first human being. It also talks about the fetus which writes in the world of wretchedness. It talks about the origin of man and his creator’s greatness.

It also talks about the Creator’s patience with polytheists. It also discusses the Day of Judgment and the judgment of the hereafter.

God Resurrects Dead

Surah Al-Tariq also mentions that God is able to resurrect people from their dead state. The Creator also preserves things.

It also says that man will appear before God after death. It is also mentioned that man will have no means to flee. It also speaks about the piety of the righteous and the wicked.

Divine Protector

The first verse of this surah mentions the name of the creator. The next verse mentions the name of the Prophet (PBUH). Moreover, it also talks about the name of the divine protectors of man. It also talks about the Day of Judgment and the secrets that are made manifest. You can also seek divine protection by reciting Surah Yaseen.


Surah Tariq is placed in the 86th chapter and 30th parah in the Holy Quran. At-Tariq means when the striking light pierces in the dark and penetrates the sky and reaches the earth. This magnificent 17 verses surah covers up the 5 characters including man, Allah’s creations, disbeliever, guardian angels, and resurrection day. Surah Tariq benefits will flourish the reciter and help the person who recites it to get in close with Allah and get spiritual healing. This surah continuously signifies the signs of the resurrection day. Additionally, it is comfort for believers and prophets against their enemies. 

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