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Benefits Of Reciting Surah Al Kahf On Friday

Benefits Of Reciting Surah Al Kahf On Friday
Surah Al Kahf

Surah kahf Arabic name meaning is a cave. It was revealed in Mecca comes with 110 verses and is placed in the 18th chapter of the Holy Quran. The menu script of Allah is a gift for the believers and a warning for the unfaithful people. Al kahf’s name is taken from verse no. 9 pointing toward the story of people in a cave. 9 ayah is about the questions for believers, “ have you thought that the companion of the cave and the inscriptions, were, our signs, a wonder?

But it doesn’t cover up all of the theme and soul of the surah. This surah has diversified topics for Muslims that differ from other surahs in the Holy Quran. 

Surah Kahf benefits according to Quran and Hadith 

Surah Kahf is Makki surah placed in the 18 chapters of the Holy Quran showering the uncountable blessing on believers. The surah kahf benefits are given below in the light of the Quran and Hadees. 

The hadith says about Surah Kahf on Surah Kahf Benefits

“IBN MARDAWIAH reports from Abdullah ibn mughaffal marfooan, the home where surah kahf is recited will not enter the shaytan at the specific night” (Roohul Ma’ani, vol. 8, pg. 289).

10 Surah al kahf benefits

1- Protection from Dajjal

The benefit of reciting surah al kahf will be to save the person from the slander of the dajjal. 

Imam Nawawi Said:

 “The beginning of the surah al kahf explaining about the greatness of Allah, signs, miracles, and blessings. So, the person who will recite it will be free from the slander of the dajjal”

2-Blessed with Noor-Surah Kahf on Friday benefits 

Muslims need to recite the surah al kahf on Friday to protect Muslims from Friday to the next Friday. Surah kahf benefit is the person who will recite it on Friday his full week will be full of noor and blessing till next Friday. (al-Jami)

Surah kahf on Friday benefits are: The one who will recite the surah al kahf a light will be illuminated between him and Mecca, and he will be illuminated with Noor on the day of Qyamat. 

3- surah kahf on Friday benefits – Forgiven from sins 

The one who will recite surah kahf on Friday will be forgiven of his past and present sins. The benefit of reading surah kahf on Friday is that their sins from Friday to next Friday and two Fridays will be forgiven. 

According to hadees:

Hazrat Muhammad SAW said: whoever recites the surah al kahf on Friday, the light will elevate from him and beneath his feet reaches to the cloud of the sky, that will shine for him on the day of judgment. All of his sins between two Fridays will be forgiven. 

4-surah kahf’s last 10 verses benefits

The virtue and benefits of surah kahf’s last 10 verses benefits are; if the person memorizes the surah and its last verses of surah al kahf. Giving the benefit of protection from the fitna of dajjal. As scholars said that we have reached the peak time of the arrival of dajjal. So you must recite the surah kahf to keep yourself in a man.  

5- What the last 10 verses benefits

The person will be free from all kinds of fitna of faith, fitna of wealth, fitna of knowledge, and fitna of power,  who will recite surah kahf. As it is stated in surah with stories. 

Surah kahf’s main theme revolves around 4 stories that also signify persecution. Those four stories are as follows:

Fitnah of faith

Fitna of wealth

Fitna of knowledge 

Fitna of power

According to the fitnah of faith, the background is; the several young men who were thrown out from their homes due to believing in Allah. So they found shelter in the cave. In the cave, they go to sleep for many years. So this ayah has explained the fitna of faith. Then, the fitna of wealth means that for those who are involved in temptation or desire wealth. 

“Wealth and children are the adornments of this worldly life, but the everlasting good deeds are far better with your lord in reward and hope”. (Surah Al Kahf:46)

Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that one Moses asked who is the most knowledgeable person. He said “i”. He said Allah chastised him as he didn’t attribute complete knowledge to him (ALLAH). On that, Allah said that there is a slave of mine at the junction of two seas who is more learned than you. 

Fourth is explaining about the dhul al qarnyn. That is explained above in this article. 

So he who recites the verses of the last ayah of surah kahf benefits will get in his life and will be forgiven from all his/her sins. 

6-Relief in the grave

The person who will recite surah kahf will get endless rewards, relief, and peace in the grave. 

7- Blessing and reward of listening to Surah Kahf

Surah kahf benefits the person who listens to it or reads it. Allah will make them easier and more relaxed and give them protection from all evils. 

8- All Desires come true

Surah kahf benefits those who will read or listen; it will get all his desires and dua fulfilled by Allah. Because Allah’s mercy and blessing will cover the reciter.  

9- Success and Prosperity

The surah kahf benefits the person with prestige, success, and respect in his society. 

10- free from fears

The recitation of surah kahf will give the person confidence, free from all fears of anxiety, depression, nightmares, and all mental illnesses. 

Surah kahf benefits at a glance

Surah kahf benefits at a glance


Ibn Ishaq narrates in his traditional old book that the questions were asked by rabbis. The rabbis are the spiritual scholars of that time. On that account, the Quraysh sent two men to the rabbis of Madina to consult that concern. Rabbis were admitting to having superior knowledge about scriptures. What were questions that rabbis were told to ask these questions from Prophets in Mecca? 

“ He acclaimed that if He (Muhammad SAW) answers my three questions then we’ll addmit6 him that Allah has sent him. If he doesn’t answer, then he is saying all not true. He raised the question to ask about some young men in ancient times, what was their story, and is it a wondrous tale? ask about the men who traveled a great deal and who reached the east and west of the earth. Question about the ruh?Rabbis said if he says all of the answers then I admit him as a prophet, if not, then I will think about what he is saying and just things up and then decide on his own. 

Surah kahf’s main characters

In surah kahf, Allah is explaining the various characters. Such as the Man, God, Muhammad, companion of the Cave, their Dogs, two men and their garden, Angels, Devil, satan, Moses, Moses servant, Khidr slave of God, zulqarnain and Gog Magog. 


Surah kahf benefits are so many that we can’t count. Hazrat Muhammad saw said about the recitation of surah kahf will get the reward on doomsday. Additionally, the person will get forgiveness for all his sins and will be covered with noor till two weeks. Read or listen to surah al kahf on Friday which also comes with great blessings for all Muslim ummah. 

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