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9 Powerful Benefits Of Reciting Surah Al Fath

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9 Powerful Benefits Of Reciting Surah Al Fath

Get to know the victorious Surah revealed by our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. The surah al fath is the 48th chapter of the Quran that covers the 29 verses. It is the Madni surah and descendants in six years following the treaty of Hudaybiyyah In Medina. This Surah is all about the glad tidings of the conquest of Mecca. It is about the issues about the treaty of Hudaybiyyah. This Surah is a profound level of wisdom and extensive details. It includes bay’t al ridhwan and hypocrite sabotage. It has an explanation for turning one back to jihad. 

As the name indicates, Al Fath means triumph or victory. The 48th chapter of the Holy Quran beacons the triumph and victory over the foes of Islam. The Surah discloses the decisive triumph and the conquest of Hudaybiyyah and khyber in a broad sense. So, this Surah descends following six years by following the treaty of Hudaybiyyah. 

What does Surah Al Fath Talk about?

This Surah talks about the struggle of Islam and the goal of ummah in the most comprehensive way. The word al fath is inspired by the first ayah of the Surah.

إِنَّا فَتَحْنَا لَكَ فَتْحًا مُبِينًا ﴿1)

We have no doubt granted you an open, unequivocal manifest victory. And a victory that clarifies everything. The word Mubeen is so beautiful because it is not only straightforward but clarifies everything. This Surah talks about the victory that clears everything. Several narrations are associated with this Surah. 

Benefits of the Surah Al Fath

There are many surah al fath benefits. Its recitation gives the person calmness, peace of mind, and victory. 

Surah al Fath benefits – Earn a high reputation in Jannah.

The person who recites Surah fath benefits them with the bestowing of high ranks in Jannah. He would be counted as a sincere servant of Allah. 

Surah Al Fath Benefits- Safe From Loss

This is another surah fath benefits. Anyone reciting the Surah benefits him with safety and protection in wealth and finance. He will be safe from loss and destruction of wealth. On judgment day, he will rise as the good servant of Allah. They will be in Allah’s Bliss eternally. And shall be counted in those who took oath on Hazrat Muhammad’s hand. He would also be counted among those who will never be drowned in water. 

Safe From Thieves And Robbery

This is another benefits of surah fath—the person who will write this Surah on paper and keep it in a purse. With the blessings of this Surah, the person will be safe from robberies and theft. 

Benefits Of Reciting Surah Fath On Health 

The recitation gives the person countless benefits. The surah fath benefits health and prosperity. Suppose the surah al fath recitation will be blown on water and drunk by the sick people. By the grace of Allah, the illness will go away soon. 

Surah Fath Benefits For Lands Matters 

Suppose oppressors are possessed of land and property. To flee away from this problem. You must recite the surah al fath 11 times for 21 days. Inshallah, your land or property matters will be resolved soon. 

Surah Al Fath Benefits According To Sunnah 

Ibne Saad narrated to Majma Ibne Jariyah that; when Jibril took this Surah and told Hazrat Muhammad SAW congratulation on this Surah. Later on, the companions of Rasool Allah also congratulate him. 

Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that; 

“After the revelation of this surah Fateh, this surah has dearer to me than everything in the world.”

Darja Of Surah Al Fath

In hadith, it is stated that; if someone memorizes this Surah on the first night of the Holy month of Ramazan. It will be equivalent to the memorization of the Full Quran”. Subhan Allah

Surah Al Fath Benefits Of Traveling

If your children or loved ones or you are going to travel. Then with the blessing of this Surah. The journey will be safe. And the person will reach the destination safely. 

Surah Fath Last Ayat Benefits

The person who recites the last ayat of the surah al fath will be forgiven by Allah. And he will be granted a blissful life in the world and akhirah. 

Background of Surah al Fath 

Between 6 to 7 years of prophet life of Rasool Allah in Medina. At that time, Muslims underwent several military engagements with the Meccans and Quraish. But the worst of that happened was the battle of Ahzab. Quraish was able to merge several fractions of Arabia, and they convinced all of them of the real problem. 

They said let’s gather and surround the city of Medina and attack it. They planned to kill every Muslim man and woman in the medina. Then, take them over and distribute them to us. They were about to fix their most significant problem, Islam. The Quraish were using the capital and convincing multiple factions to do this. 

An army of 12 thousand was gathered. So the Muslims dug the trench so they couldn’t try to enter to reach them. The Quraish understand that it becomes too expensive to conquer with them. So they move back. 

As soon as this matter was resolved. Our beloved Prophet Nabi Kareem SAW had a dream that he was performing a pilgrimage. Means Hajj. Hajj means that you go to Mecca unarmed to perform Hajj. Our beloved Prophet said to the 1800 people of Mecca. Who will go with me to perform Hajj? Because it was the revelation, they all started marching toward the Macca. So the Meccans and Quraish decided to send the batch to kill them in a way. So the Nabi Kareem SAW knowledgeable man scouts ahead of time. And tell the diverted routes and they went down there you don’t usually go. 

But they suggested going through this road, this uncharted territory which had burnt rock and thorns jagged rocks. So these pilgrims who don’t have high-strap boots walk barefoot and with slippers. The kind of slippers that start burnt off due to burnt rock. And started scraping themselves. Some narrators describe that as they continued the caravan, not a single pilgrim was there whose food was not burnt. The rocks were covered entirely with blood marks. Because of scrapping. And they reach the banned field called hudaybiyah. 

When they reached Mecca to perform Pilgrim, the Meccans assumed that now it was the time to negotiate matters to get resolved, and they said clauses against Nabi Kareem SAW territory. Rasool Allah SAW said I never accept. I am here to perform Hajj. That was the revelation. Now they perform Hajj and go back. Hazrat Umar R.A. recites all of the ayat of the surah al fath about victory. 

Although many subject matters will take 100 pages on it, the summary of this Surah is about the triumph and victory that was done by Hazrat Muhammad SAW. 


Surah al Fath is 48th chapter 26 Juzz and comes up with 29 ayat in the Holy Quran. It comprises long narrations wrapping up the events of Hudaybiyyah, Fatah Makkah, Mufikeen warnings, and more. According to this Surah, these are the direct teachings for Muslims to rule their life. Additionally, surah fath benefits are so many that will be relief from diseases for recitors. It is best for safe traveling and the protection of wealth and lands. Recite this Surah in your daily life to get an enormous reward from Allah.  

Irsha Ikram

Irsha Ikram is a great Islamic researcher, and writer, and have a good command of Quranic writing. She has done Masters's (MS.c Psychology) and Certified Cognitive behavioral therapist and a member of Pakistan & American Psychological Association.

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