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Makki And Madani Surah In Quran | Difference & Characteristics

makki and madani surahs in quran

The Holy Quran contains 114 surahs in all. Moreover, they are split up into the Makki and Madani surahs. 28 of the 114 verses are Madni verses. How many Makki surahs are there in the Qur’an? The Holy Qur’an contains 86 Makki surahs.

Makki Surahs describe a person’s character, an unwavering conviction in the unity of Allah, the Day of Judgment, blessings, Heaven, and Hell. The Holy Quran took 23 years to be revealed. When Hazrat Muhammad, the final Prophet, dear to us, was alive (SAW).

In the holy town of Makkah, the Holy Quran’s opening verses were first disclosed, and its last verses conclude the purpose of our Holy Book. The number of Makki Surah in Quran One thing to keep in mind about Makki surahs is that they include the provision of a Sajdah. And all Makki surahs, except Surah Al-Baqarah, contain the account of Hazrat Adam and Iblis or Shaitan. We enumerate the name and quantity of verses each Makki surah in the Quran arrives with.

Difference Between Makki And Madani Surah

The critical distinctions between the Makki and Madani Surahs will discuss. As Madani Surah and Makki, both have qualities that set them further apart.

The Holy Prophet PBUH received the Quran for maybe the first time during Ramadan. The first five ayahs of Surah Alaq or Iqra, the 96th Surah, make up the first insight. After a brief interval, angel Jibrail appeared and read the first few verses of the 74th Surah to the Holy Prophet PBUH (Surah Al-Mudassir). In Makkah and Madinah, revelations persisted for the following 23 years.

Makki Surah In Quran

The Surahs of the Holy Qur’an are categorized as Makki or Madni based on the date they were disclosed. All surahs revealed throughout the first 13 years of the Holy Prophet PBUH’s journey are known to Makki.

A Makki Surah in Quran has a Sajdah. Every Surah, except Surah Al-Baqarah, that mentions the story of Adam (A.S.) and Iblis (Shaitan) is Makki. Makki Surahs are surahs with a rhythmic melody, few lines, and a powerful rhetorical approach.

Short and to the point, the Makki surahs include topics like belief in Allah, the Day of Judgment, rewards, and recognition, and paradise and hell. They provide a call to virtue and are sensitive to ethical character. You can recite different Surahs like Surah Waqiya, Surah Yaseen, Surah Mulk and Surah Muzammil etc.

total makki surah in Quran

Characteristics of Makki Surah In the Quran

Makki Surahs are frequently brief. Typically, they say the following:

·         Belief in the unity of Allah.

Madani Surah In Quran

To the town of Madina, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) moved. And they are referred to as Madni Surahs since they reveal during his ten years there. Surahs from Madina concentrated on creating Islamic laws, money dealings, morality, ethics, and the connection between Islam and Muslims and other world religions. The leading indicator of a Madani Surah is whether it grants authorization for “jihad” or explains its prohibitions.

Likewise, every verse that addresses hypocrites is a Madani Surah, as all verses reference the Companions of the Book and engage in discussion with them (Jews, Christians). Surahs by the Madani are frequently very long.

Madani surah in quran list

Characteristics of Madni Surah In Quran

The characteristics of Makki Surah in the Quran and Surah Madani are very distinct. Additionally, these chapters are frequently lengthy. They consist of

There are outliers to each of the characteristics above. Thus they are neither universal nor accurate. For instance, Surah al-Baqara (Qur’an 2) describes the life of Prophet Adam (a), not Makki. The verses of Surah al-Nasr (Qur’an 110) are brief, and the condition of the Surah resembles that of the Makki verses, but it is Madani.

Disputed Surahs

It is debated which Surahs were partly disclosed in Makkah and partially delivered in Medina. The Quran has 20 indisputable Madani Surahs and 82 undeniable Makki Surahs. There are twelve disputable surahs like Surah Rehman, Surah Taghabun, etc., some of which were given in Makkah and the remainder in Medina.

This table lists the maximum count of Makki and Madani surahs in the Qur’an and the number of verses for each Surah. There are 114 surahs in the Qur’an. On the other hand, we also brought up the contested surahs disclosed in Madina and Makkah.

Makki and Madani Surah List In the Quran

Sura No.Sura NameMakki or MadaniNo. of VersesDisagreement?
1Al-Fatiha (The Opening)Makki7Disputed
2Al Baqarah (TheCow)Madani286
3Al Imran(TheFamilyof’Imraan)Madani200
4An-Nisa‘ (Women)Madani176
5Maaa-‘idah (TheTableSpread)Madani120
6An-‘aam (Cattle)Makki165
7‘A’-RAAF (TheHeights)Makki206
8‘Anfaal (SpoilsofWar)Madani75
9Tawbah (Repentance)Madani129
10Yunus (Jonah)Makki109
11Hurd (Hud)Makki123
12Yusuf (Joseph)Makki111
13Ra’d (TheThunder)Madani43Disputed
14‘Ibrahim (Abraham)Makki52
15‘Al-Hijr (TheRockyTract)Makki99
16Nahl (TheBee)Makki128Disputed
17Bani-‘Is-raaa-‘iil (TheChildrenof’Israel)Makki111
18Al Kahf (TheCave)Makki110
19Maryam (Mary)Makki98
20Taha (Ta-Ha)Makki135
21‘Ambiyaa’ (the prophets)Makki112
22Al-Hajj (ThePilgrimage)Madani78Disputed
23Mu’-minuun (The Believers)Makki118
24An-Noor (Light)Madani64
25Furqaan (The Criterion of Right and Wrong)Makki77
26Shu-‘araaa’ (ThePoets)Makki227
27An-Naml (TheAnt)Makki93
28Qasas (TheStory)Makki88
29‘Ankabut (TheSpider)Makki69Disputed
30Ruum (Romans)Makki60
31Luqmaan (Luqman)Makki34
32Sajdah (TheProstration)Makki30
33‘Ahzaab (TheClans)Madani73
34Saba’ (Saba)Makki54
35Fair (the angels)Makki45
36Yaseen (Yasin)Makki83
37Sahafat (ThoseWhoSetTheRanks)Makki182
38Saaad (Saad)Makki88
39Zumar (the troops)Makki75
40Mu’min (TheBeliever)Makki85
41Fussilat (TheyareExpounded)Makki54
42Shuurah (Counsel)Makki53
43Zukhruf(Ornaments of Gold)Makki89
44Dukhan (Smoke)Makki59
45Jasiyah (Crouching)Makki37
46‘Ahqaf (TheWind-CurvedSandhills)Makki35
47Muhammad (Muhammad)Madani38Disputed
48Fat-h (Victory)Madani29
49Hujurat (ThePrivateApartments)Madani18
50Qaaf (Qaf)Makki45
51Zaarayaat (TheWinnowingWinds)Makki60
52Tuur (TheMount)Makki49
53Najm (TheStar)Makki62
54Qamar (TheMoon)Makki55
55Ar Rahman (TheBenficent)Madani78Disputed
56Al-Waqiah(the event)Makki96
57Hadid (Iron)Madani29
58Majaadalah (SheThatDisputeth)Madani22
59Hashr (Exile)Madani24
60Mumtahina (SheThatIsToBe Examined)Madani13
61Saff (TheRanks)Madani14Disputed
62Jumu’ah (the congregation)Madani11
63Munafiqun (TheHypocrites)Madani11
64Taghabun (MutualDisillusion)Madani18Disputed
65Talaq (Divorce)Madani12
66Tahriim (Banning)Madani12
67Al Mulk (TheSovereignty)Makki30
68Qalam (ThePen)Makki52
69Haqqah (the reality)Makki52
70Ma-‘aarij (TheAsendingStairways)Makki44
71Nuuh (Noah)Makki28
72Jinn (TheJinn)Makki28
73Muzammil (TheEnshroudedOne)Makki20
74Muddassir (The Cloaked One)Makki56
75Qiyamah (TheRisingoftheDead)Makki40
76‘InsaanorDahr (TimeorMan)Madani31Disputed
77Mursalat (TheEmissaries)Makki50
78Naba’ (TheTidings)Makki40
79Naazi-‘aat (ThoseWhoDragForth)Makki46
80‘Abasa (he frowned)Makki42Disputed
81Takwir (TheOverthrowing)Makki29
82Infitar (TheCleaving)Makki19
83Tariff (Defrauding)Makki36Disputed
84‘Inshiqaq (TheSundering)Makki25
85Buruuj (TheMansionsoftheStars)Makki22
86Taariq (TheMorningStar)Makki17
87‘A’-laa (TheMostHigh)Makki19
88Ghashiyah (TheOverwhelming)Makki26
89Fajr (the dawn)Makki30Disputed
90Balad (TheCity)Makki20
91Shams (TheSun)Makki15
92Layl (TheNight)Makki21Disputed
93Duhaa (TheMorningHours)Makki11
94‘Inshiraah (Solace)Makki8
95Tiin (TheFig)Makki8
96Alaq (the cloth)Makki19
97Qadr (Power)Makki5Disputed
98Bayyinah (TheClearProof)Madani8Disputed
99Zilzaal (TheEarthquake)Madani8Disputed
100‘Aadi-yaat (TheCoursers)Makki11
101‘Al-Qari-‘ah (TheCalamity)Makki11
102Takasur (RivalryinWorldlyIncrease)Makki8
103‘Asr (TheDecliningDay)Makki3
104Humazah (TheTraducer)Makki9
105Fil (the elephant)Makki5
106Al Quraish (‘Winter’s Quraysh’)Makki4
107Maa-‘uun (SmallKindness)Makki7
108Al Kausar (Abundance)Makki3
109Al-Kafirun (TheDisbelievers)Makki6
110Nasr (Succour)Madani3Disputed
111Lahab (PalmFibre)Makki5
112Ikhlas (TheUnity)Makki4Disputed
113Al-Falaq (TheDaybreak)Makki5Disputed
114Naas (Mankind)Makki6


The Holy Quran is the universally relevant literature that will endure till the day of justice. There are 114 surahs in the Holy Quran, which prescribe the right course of action. There are 28 Madni and 86 Maki. The designation “Maki and Madni” was given to them because of their geographic location. It explains why they were given the names “86 Maki” and “28 Madni,” respectively. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) visited Maka and Madina in 86 and 28, respectively.

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