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Maariful Quran Free Download PDF Book

By August 2, 2022September 17th, 2022One Comment
Maariful Quran

Maariful Quran (The Wisdom of the Holy Qur’an) is written by Mufti Muhammad Shafi in Urdu. mufti Muhammad Shafi is great reference for the layman and the scholar alike. 

There are eight volumes of the Maariful Quran. Below is the list of volumes and their contents

  • The 1st volume |  Sura Al-Fatiha and sura Al-Baqara
  • The 2nd volume | from sura Al-Imran to sura An-Nisa
  • The 3rd volume | from sura Al-Ma’ida to sura Al-A’raf
  • The 4th volume |  from sura Al-Anfal to sura Hud
  • The 5th volume |  from sura Yusuf to sura Al-Kahf
  • The 6th volume |  from sura Maryam to sura Ar-Rum
  • The 7th volume |  from sura Luqman to sura Al-Ahqaf
  • The 8th  volume | from sura Muhammad to Surat al-Nas.


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