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Can Muslims Celebrate Thanksgiving? Is Thanksgiving Haram? 

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Introduction of Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving day is the day celebrated by the people of Canada and the U.S to give thanks for the harvest of the past years. Including their happiness, blessings, good deeds, and an opportunity to enjoy this festival with close ones. If anyone in the U.S and he/she is Muslim and celebrating the practice for years then they should know about its values, importance, or virtues in Islam. After a lot of research from authentic scholars, we have reached the point to answer that question that is being asked by each every Muslim in the united states. Is Thanksgiving haram? Let’s discuss it in detail. 

Historical Background of Thanksgiving 

  • Thanksgiving day was first celebrated by colonies named Plymouth & Wampanoag in 621. Who celebrated thanksgiving as an autumn harvest feast. 
  • It has become the most celebrated festival of today’s time. 
  • Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the 24th of November in U.s and in the first week of October in Canada. 

Additionally, other countries are celebrating this day with full joy and happiness. 

 Although it is a wholly Christian tradition, it is celebrated with big gatherings, arranging feasts, saying thanks to loved ones, past proceedings, cooking food, watching matches, and all activities that make them happy and thankful. 

What is the concept of Thanksgiving in Islam?

Being a Muslim our whole life spends in giving thanks to Allah through various acts. For example, say Shukar to Allah that has no limit in life; it is done every moment. Now the question arises that thanksgiving is also about giving thanks to God and friends. Then why is celebrating thanksgiving haram? According to the Islamic perspective, our school of thought is always in distinction regarding non-muslim festivals. Because it is in terms of saying thanks to All blessings throughout their lives. 

Islam teaches us the lesson of saying Shukar and inviting friends and families to dinner. But this shouldn’t reflect the U.S culture. As stated in the Quran. Allah Said: (34:13)And so few of my servants are thankful”.

Thanks for the things that you are blessed with. For example, Allah created man and gave him superiority among all creatures due to his knowledge and wisdom. Also, Allah is protecting the human in every trial of life he tested and protected. Furthermore, man should be thankful to Allah for all blessings that Allah has bestowed on him such as health, wealth, money, children, and a good wife too. Allah is saying in Quran:

“Remember me and I will remember you. Be thankful to me, and never ungrateful”. Quran (2:152)

Allah is saying through the Quran if we thank him he will keep on blessing us. And those who believe in it will never be unhappy in life. And your Allah is sufficient for all and who never breaks his promises. 

Remember that, “He promised that if you are thankful, I will give you more. But if you are thankless then my punishment is terrible indeed. (14:7).

Is celebrating thanksgiving Haram for Muslims? Is it a good deed or a bad deed?

Thanksgiving makes family ties and allows new Muslims of today’s time to have a grand feast and meet up with their families. In their very busy life, most new Muslims couldn’t take out time to relax, sit back quietly and listen to the thanking words of their loved ones. Here through thanksgiving, families meet up with happiness which is also a thankful act toward Allah. 

Benefits of Thanksgiving 

  • Thankful to Allah
  • Increases love 
  • Feels of belongingness
  • Take out time for families
  • An opportunity to say good words to your loved ones
  • Giving gratitude

Living in the USA you hardly take out time to meet your relatives, especially for dinners or having fun. So there is no doubt to celebrate thanksgiving with new Muslims under Islamic boundaries. You can feel your belongings on this day. That makes them feel attached. 

 According to Quran:

“Worship God and be of those who give thanks”. (39:66)

Allah is saying to Muslim ummah through this ayah that O mankind does religious obligations, say prayers, do the holy pilgrimage, fastings, and greet your loved ones. 

If you ask, is thanksgiving halal or haram?

Islam emphasizes keeping family ties. Islam teaches us the lessons of kindness, mercy, and staying humble. As stated in Quran: (4:12)

“Beware of severing the ties of kindness, God is always watching over you”

How a Muslim can Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

There is all your queries are answered through this article about celebrating thanksgiving haram in Islam. To get to know about thanksgiving is haram for Muslims then the answer is; that you see the impact of this day. Feel what this day actually is giving you. Meet up with parents, and children, saying thanks will out you from Islam. No, but make sure to not cross the limits and make up your mind as a Christian community who do rituals, customs, and traditions. This is a totally non-muslim festival. But its impact is very positive which signifies openness, humbleness, mercy, and giving thanks to all past years’ harvest. 

Ibn Umar narrates:

Prophet SAW said: “ Whoever imitates non-muslim, he is among them”. 

There are new Muslims who are celebrating unknowingly which is thanksgiving haram in Islam. There are a lot of distinctions between us if we follow them fully then we will be titled Kafar which has no place in Islam. 

Copying/imitating/ following others’ religion is forbidden. You are judged by your intentions. Don’t Follow their culture, custom, traditions, and festivals. On Thanksgiving day there is a holiday. That is the big chance to have a family feast and spend time together and give thanks in return. 


Thanksgiving is totally a non-muslim festival that is celebrated every year in U.S and Canada. Thanksgiving is haram in Islam but arranging dinners, the family getting together, thanking loved ones, and thanking God is okay for Muslims who live in the USA on thanksgiving day. Celebrate the holiday with families. Islam doesn’t allow Muslims to imitate non-muslim. Being a Muslim you are not permitted to imitate them. Make your intentions different that will differ you from non-Muslims in acts and thinking. 

Irsha Ikram

Irsha Ikram is a great Islamic researcher, and writer, and have a good command of Quranic writing. She has done Masters's (MS.c Psychology) and Certified Cognitive behavioral therapist and a member of Pakistan & American Psychological Association.

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