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Is Poker Haram In Islam? |  With Or Without Money

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Is Poker Haram In Islam

Islam permits us to entertain ourselves without crossing any red lines stated by Islam. So playing cards, and gambling, with or without money. Generally, if you are trying your level best not to get involved in anything Haram. And what do we mean by anything Haram? For example, in Gambling, in which the game is decided and fixed, if I win then the other will pay off something for losing the game. 

Gambling Is A Major Sin That Is Prohibited In Islam

 It is Haram when we are obsessed with it and we don’t go to pray. we missed prayers, Haram is involved, when we start to fight and curse one another over a game. Not only a poker game. But anything that comes up concerning a win or loss situation with giving away the money to another winning party is Haram. Every activity is Haram when it is hatred, grudges, and cheating too. 

Even in a Halal game if you lie and cheat for the sake of a win. That act will be considered a sin or activity is Haram. 

So the answer to the question “is poker haram in Islam” is Haram. As it is linked with gambling in which the two parties are playing for the seeking money. Whatever activity in which the concept of gambling is involved. That will be Haram. 

Surah Al Maida chapter number 5 verse no. 90 stating more certain toxins and gamblings. 

Allah Subhan O taala has forbidden certain things for Muslims because he considered them bad for us. That they can plunge us into crises. In Surah Al Maida Allah is saying; “ Allah Subhan O taala tells us, he speaks about intoxicants, he speaks about gambling, he speaks about certain types of worship besides Allah. So, stay far from it. Some people think that the Quran doesn’t prohibit intoxicants, or gambling because the Quran says to stay far from it. 

However, they are wrong. It is the prohibition from the highest order. Because When Allah says very Far away from it. Because Allah wants to stay to keep a distance from it. In the act of buying, selling, transporting, or assisting others in gambling, all of these acts are prohibited. If you like to achieve comfort then stay away from it. 

Addiction To Playing Poker Online

In the modern age, the addiction to playing poker online or physically with others is increasing. The drama goes from age to age. Because the people of old traditions sit together and play poker to have fun and spend time with friends. Even though, in colleges, and schools, teenagers or adults in universities are playing poker. Unfortunately, they are Muslims who don’t know about the difference between haram and halal. Some video games online ask for money before playing and for winning you’ll have to pay some money to beat the others. 

Many of the video games online are associated with features that are prohibited in Islam. And it is considered Haram to play. 

Is Poker Haram In Islam With Or Without Money?

Playing cards without money is permissible in Islam. But let’s make it clear first, that sometimes Satan doesn’t want to do something directly. because she is very smart. Even though we will not be able to get involved mentally. But shaytan forced us, from watching things around us, and planned a way to stay from virtues and do sins. For example, you have decided to play poker without money, but shaytan will keep you thinking that if you play with money to get more money. It can easily waste our time and put us in sin very easily. 


Therefore, Allah Subhan O taala has stated in Surah Al Maida to never come across those things that are forbidden and can plunge you into danger. So the poker game can be converted into haram if it is played with a bad mindset that will keep you away from Allah. You will miss a prayer and anger, and you can cheat in-game. These are all factors that stay you away from the right path and are considered as Haram.

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