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Is It Haram To Celebrate Halloween In Islam

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Is It Haram To Celebrate Halloween In Islam

In the west, Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st. Halloween is considered the Feast of All Saints. This day is celebrated as an honor of the church and saints. The 31st of October is said as the eve of all Saints. On this eve, all of the people get dressed up in frightening masks, dresses, and costumes. Halloween is the thought that is associated with the Celtic festival Samhain. 

Meaning of Halloween 

The word Halloween means Hallow’s Eve. It is important to get to know what is hidden in celebrating Halloween events. so the facts about Halloween are as follows:

More than 5 thousand years ago the people of Ireland, Scotland, and England did not believe in Allah Subhan O taala. So, they fell into worshiping idols and the natural world as well. During that time they arrange a very big evil festival called Samhain. That was their new year celebration. Their new year started on 1st November. That’s why October 31st was New year’s eve called Halloween. 

Historical Background

October 31st is new year’s eve for the people of Ireland, Scotland, and England. Additionally, they also celebrated their evil festivals. Because they believe that the dead souls and evil spirits would come and take their families. So they do so to make the dead souls happy. Otherwise, the dead souls will bring death to the family. 

  • So November 1st is the new year for the Celtic people of the north. And the day is called the day of Samhain. 
  • They put the jack-o-lantern that they put inside their winter windows made from the pumpkin. In Europe, all the churches moved all the saints day a day for the saints. They moved it from May 13 to November 1st in 1834 A.D. 
  • In the west, some Muslims, want to be Americans or Canadians. They send their little children, and they are into little disguises. 

Quran tells us that: 

That the devil is the open enemy of humanity, and there is no compromise with the devil. 

So, we don’t play around and disguise ourselves as little devils and little shayateen. Because it is the open enemy of the people of monotheism. Additionally, there are several other aspects. 

Islamic Perspective about Halloween- Is Halloween HARAM?

The Muslims who are living in Islamic countries might control themselves from these disguises. But unfortunately, Muslims in America, Canada, and Europe can get into the plunge of this Halloween event. This is the day of evils and spirits that they considered coming back again and killing themselves to escape from them. They dressed up their children like little devils and asked for food by sending them to the neighbors and burning fires outside their houses and hanging lanterns made with pumpkins. 

Now, Halloween seems to be a conglomeration of many different celebrations around the world. They have kind of coalesced in this way. So Muslims are wondering what to do with these festivals. Most of the scholars note that. Muslims should stay away from Halloween. In fact, in America there are many Muslims are partici[ppating in Halloween. They are going trick or treating, kind of dressing, in monster costumes. Residents of Europe including Muslims could not get themselves away from it. 

The big discussion over Halloween from different perspectives

When we reach the point when Muslims are living in a world that is surrounded by all cultural and traditional values. Many countries like Romans are celebrating their dead ones’ day. So like the Muslims do. They say prayers and deliver good wishes and worship their Gods. In Islam, Muslims do on every day. Reciting Fatiha for the sake of forgiveness of their dead one’s souls. So there are so many fatwas emerging on the celebration of Halloween haram? Or is it haram to give out candy on Halloween? Or is Halloween haram? So on these questions, there is a big discussion from ulama. What they think is that. 

Trick or treat? Fatwa Council bars Muslims from celebrating Halloween

However, the fatwa has been announced by the Malaysia Islamic board that celebrating Halloween haram? They announced that celebrating Halloween is haram for Muslims. 

Even scholar Dr. Muzammil Sidiqqi, who is the head of the Fiqh Council of North America and still is now. Has said No. is it haram to celebrate Halloween? He said No. because he is also living in the United States of America and knows about their challenges. 

Is Halloween haram in Islam?

Most scholars are in consensus on the point about Halloween haram. And the answer is yes. Halloween is Haram in Islam. In the light of Islam, all of the western cultures, traditions, festivals, and events are based on Christianity or other pagan cultures. That’s why it is forbidden for Muslims to not imitate their acts. Islam is stating about that person who is imitating another other religious practice, they shall be it may be a form of idolatry or shirk. Therefore, Muslims are not allowed to take part in the Halloween celebration. 

Is it haram to give out candy on Halloween?

Yes, it is haram. 

TRICK OR treats is European pagan culture that is celebrated for the sake of escape from evil spirits. Their children go to others begging for candies. In return, they think that they are satisfying the evil spirits to harm them. So this act of begging and asking for candies or giving out candies is haram in Islam. 

Is dressing up for Halloween haram?

Yes, it is haram and not permissible to dress up like monsters, devils, or ghosts on the day of Halloween. 

In Quran, Allah is saying that Muslims who are not allowed to enter Islam follow and dress like other religions. 

Sahi Abu Daud 4031: Hazrat Muhammad SAW has forbidden us to the custom of other religions. 

Why is Halloween haram?

Halloween seems like the day of devils, spirits, or ghosts. On this day, the people do worship their devils. Muslims are not allowed to celebrate this kind of day which resembles their other religion. As this Halloween involved the major sinful elements of polytheism and disbelief. 

Conclusion-is Halloween haram?

In Islam, Halloween is not permissible. It is against the teaching of Islam. Halloween is the day of spirits, devils, and ghosts. So the people of Europe get to dress up to cheer up their devils and escape from worshiping them. That’s why Muslims are not allowed to celebrate this festival in any type. If they do so, they will be out of Islamic boundaries. 

Irsha Ikram

Irsha Ikram is a great Islamic researcher, and writer, and have a good command of Quranic writing. She has done Masters's (MS.c Psychology) and Certified Cognitive behavioral therapist and a member of Pakistan & American Psychological Association.