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How To Give Up Music Islam | According To Quran & Sunah

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How To Give Up Music Islam

If you take a look at music, there are many scholars who are saying that. It doesn’t matter when listening to music. This and that. Now, there is nothing wrong with it. But, even though, we look at some of the scholars who are consensus about saying that music is permissible in Islam. 

Right now, the music is completely dirty and filthy, the lyrics are horrible and it is just poison for the new Muslims who are living in such countries. Where it is very difficult to mold in the shape of Islam. Today’s music is so horrible to listen to that it could not let you persist under Islamic boundaries. 

This type of music eventually activates the sexual desire in the person. To such an extent, the dirtiness in music has crossed all the limits nowadays. even though the Jews and Christians who watch those songs are saying that. This type of music should not be listened to, and it is not permissible. 

Music is all about attracting the opposite sex. It can drag the person’s imagination toward romantic or sexual dreams. So how can Islam allow Muslims to close near sin? That is the soul of this. Music in another way is a temptation and it can easily take you away from the virtuous path. 

When we have the melody of the Quran. The recitation has healing powers. Not just that, Quran recitation is a relief in the world from various tensions and troubles. Also, it is the biggest blessing for Muslim Ummah to get a reward later. 

Now the question is, what is the treatment of such people who are badly addicted to music? And how could they give up listening to music? We will cover all of its answers in detail in this article. 

HOW TO GIVE UP MUSIC ISLAM? According to Quran 

First of all, we all have to know about the ruling in Islam over music. Why should you give up music/ how badly it can affect a Muslim’s life? Everybody likes music and enjoys it. People are adapting music as a profession and can be chosen just for cheering up the mood. So, to understand why it is not permissible. Being Muslim we have to go back to Quran and sunnah to find the answers to them. Are you living your life out of the Quran and sunnah? If not, then make sure to understand the reasons why Islam is permitting Muslims to music. 

According to sunnah in Al Bukhari Shareef: Hazrat Muhammad SAW said:

There will be people of my ummah making haram things halal. They would make adultery, fornication, they will make silk, they would make ensuing intoxicants, and musical instruments halal. 

There are four things that Rasul Allah SAW has said. That people will make haram things halal. So, here it is clear that prophet SAW has told us that music is haram. And, the evidence behind it is overwhelming. 

We also go to our 4 imams. What they have said about listening to music. 4 Imams are consensus, the school of thought of Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi, Al Imam Bin Anas, and Imam Ahmad. They all say that Music is haram. 

Music in Quran in the Sunnah

There is no verse in the Quran on Music, But there are indications. Like Allah subhan o taala says in surah Luqman chapter number 31 verse number 6. 

“Among them, there are those people who purchase idle tales without knowledge and meaning. And, they mislead the people away from the part of Allah. And ridicule the path of Allah Subhan O taala. These are the people who will receive a humiliating punishment”

So, according to this verse, it says that idle tales without meaning and knowledge refer to Islamic songs and musical instruments. 

There are some of the hadith again that allow the music instruments like Duff. 

In sahih Bukhari Vol. 5 Hadith no. 4001

“After his marriage, he came and sat outside along with the Sahabas. When two small girls were playing with the tambourine. That is a Duff. and They were praising their fathers, Suhabas. When they died in Jihad. When they start praising. As they started praising the Prophet said, Don’t praise me. Just praise what you were praised earlier. Prophet didn’t forbid them from playing the tambourine” 

In another Hadith from Sahi Al Bukhari Vol. 2 hadith No. 987

Hazrat Ayesha narrates, when he was lying down, she says, when two girls were playing with a tambourine and they were singing. When Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A comes and faces them. Said stop it. When the prophet hears and said, let them do it. These are the days of Eid. we let them do it. 

How To Give Up Music In Islam?

Rather you kill your time on music it is better to change your habit of listening to music instead of a recitation of the Quran. 

Recite the Quran at the time when you used to hear the music. In this way, you will get more peace of mind, and Allah’s mercy, and you will be showered with a lot of blessings. 

To cut back the area where you used to listen to music. Don’t sit in that place. Identify the areas where you listen to music. 

Break up activities with something beneficial like recitation of the surah, wazifa, or any Quranic verse. 

Do wird, Zikr that will ultimately peacefully change your mind. 

Uninstall the mobile apps and refill the mobile with Quranic lectures, Tafseer, and Islamic Knowledge. 

Join the ulama gathering and sit close to Islam. The more you give time to Islamic knowledge-gathering results in more maturity will develop in your habit. 


Music is Haram in Islam. whatever the type of musical instrument instead of the tambourine that is permissible by our beloved Holy prophet. Music is doing terribly in our lives. For example, it traps our minds and convinces us to go away from the virtuous path. Our deen doesn’t teach us to adopt the sinful way for any activity. So make sure to change habits into new habits that must contain the close relationship goals with Islam. Results in you will get the ajar in Dunya and Akhirah. 

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