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The Difference Between Dua And Surah

The Difference Between Dua And Surah | 9 Differences

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Dua and surah are two different types of prayers, both of which are offered to Allah (SWT). The former is a simple supplication
Everything you need to know about jinn in Islam

Dua Protection From Jinn | How To Remove Jinn From Body

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To protect from unseen creatures Jinn. Allah has revealed the surah in the Holy Quran dua for jinn . There are dua, zikr, and words that can give you protection…
Dua e Qunoot

Dua e Qunoot | Translation, Meaning, History And Benefits

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Islam has five pillars and Sulat is the second pillar of Islam. All Muslims must perform it five times a day. In these five-time prayers, there are many supplications to…