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Dua Protection From Jinn | How To Remove Jinn From Body

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Dua Protection From Jinn & How To Remove Jinn From Body

What is Jinn?

There are two creations one is seen and ordered by Allah to obey and listen to the Ahkamaat, and the other creation that is unseen is known as The Jinn or ghost. Another creation of Allah is angels but they have no free will to do whatever they want. Jinns have free will to live according to their desires and wishes. They can either obey Allah subhana Taala or they don’t. For mankind therefore Allah has revealed the Quran to describe this creation. 

Those JINNS who obey Allah and don’t harm any other creations are good. While the bad are those who are not under Allah’s commandant. They do whatever they want. And then Allah says in the last chapter of the Holy Quran:

Surah Anas chapter No.114 vesre Vol 1-6: 

In the last 3 ayat of the surah Naas: 

It is mentioned that :

“from the evil of the whispering, elusive tempter”. It is pointing toward satan. Who can harm and put you in danger. “from all [temptation to evil by] invisible forces as well as men.” it is pointing toward the jinn. Who can whisper in man’s heart, the other invisible forces or the wrongdoers? 

You are a human who is constantly in danger due to external forces, which can be magic, evil, ghosts, or any other factors that can harm you. Therefore, Allah has revealed this surah for the protection of Muslims. 

How does jinn possess the human body?

In our surroundings, we have seen people talking about ghost possession. Being Muslim we should probe the exact concept of entering the jin in the human body. And how does it happen? So for that Allah has stated in his manuscript in surah Baqarah. The ayah is addressing the fate and punishment for the person who deals with usually would interest. This person on the day of judgment will be resurrected and will be frightened and will be imbalanced like a person who is possessed by the jinn. The meaning of possession is shetan. 

This ayah is explaining the possession of satan in the human body. and the possession of the jinn in the human body is possible and it happens. 

Reasons why jinn enter the human body?

Ulema admits that there are several reasons. On that jinn is making the entry into the human body. They can implant themselves, and possess in them for longer. And they can also control the degrees of extent. So the person can turn into crazy, mad, or weird acts. 

Jinn possessed humans they don’t like

One of the reasons has shown that jinn possession occurs in humans that they don’t like. They want to control the human in terms of getting him/her in danger, controlling them, or it’s in jinn control to make them happy or depressed. 

If a jinn falls in love with the human being

One of the big reasons is that jinn can fall in love with the person and they trapped them alone. They will appreciate the beauty. Jinn can possess young people for loving them. 

That’s why our beloved Holy Prophet SAW has advised us to recite Bismillah Tasmia before changing clothes. 

Unintentionally harm to the jinn

Jinn can harm the human body in case you unintentionally harm them. Maybe you threw some dirty clothes in their place, or you sound loud at that place where they live. You are probably unaware of the fact that jinn was there. They turn angry and can possess you to torcher and disturb you. 

Dua for protection from jinn

Dua for protection from jinn

To protect from unseen creatures Jinn. Allah has revealed the surah in the Holy Quran dua for jinn. There are dua, zikr, and words that can give you protection from all shayateen. 

1- seeking refuge with Allah from jinn. Allah stated, “and if an evil whisper from shaytan tries to take you away from doing good, the refuge from Allah. Verily, He is the All-hearer, All-Knower”.(Fussilat 41:36).

Another dua protection from jinn is reciting al-Mu’awwidhatayn. The last two surahs of the Holy Quran. Surah Naas and Surah Falak. 

2- According to the hadees: Abu Sa’id al Kudri r.a narrated: Holy Prophet Peace be upon him always seek refuge from shaytan from Allah from the evil eye and jinn. When the Mu’awwidhatayn revealed, then He SAW recited nothing more than this. (al-Tirmidhi, al-Nasai, Ibn Majah). 

3- Reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi is another dua protection from jinn. Abu Huraira r.a said: Hazrat Muhammad SAW appoints me for protection of Ramazan charity. One man came to me and started grabbing a handful. 

Abu Hurairah said I will take you to our Prophet and he said: I will teach you some words on which Allah will give you benefit. He gave ayat ul kursi. He said when you will go to bed then recite shaytan will come to you until morning. Hazrat Muhammad said after listening to it from Huraira that he was shetan, but he told the truth. (al-Bukhari)

4- dua for protection from jinn Last ayah of surah al baqarah

This is the dua that is given by Allah when our beloved prophet visited Allah on miraj. He offered two Noor from Allah that was not given to any other prophet before. If we recite these two last ayahs of surah Baqarah at night, it will be enough for everything in this world. 

How to remove jinn from the body?

There are passages in the Quran on how to remove jinn from body.

1- Surah-Al-Nas

Dua for jinn is Surah al Naas focuses on two things. 1 seek refuge with Allah from shaytan. 2 satan whispering and how he tempts man. Whoever recites the surah Naas at night will be protected from Jinns and devils. 

2- dua for jinn Surah Hashar verse 21-24

The Holy prophet SAW said whoever recites the last three verses of surah hashr will be forgiven all of his past sins. It is the cure for the disease. Ali ibn Talib said: it has a cure for headaches. 

3-Surah Yunus verse 81-82

This sura is very effective in the treatment of removing jinn from the human body. 

4-how to get rid of jinn in the house? Surah taha 68-69 verse

Reciting this surah for the affected will get relief from disease, evils, and magic from the house. 

5-Surah AL-Baqarah

This is a very beneficial surah for the elimination of bad magical powers from the human body. 

6-Dua to remove jinn from body are Surah AL-Falak and Surah Al-NAAS

This surah is the ultimate protection amulet for all Muslims and the best amal to remove jinn. 

Quran and sunnah for jinn protection?

Let’s discuss some effective verses for the protection of our loved ones, children, and our families and how to get rid of jinn. With reference to the Quran and Sunnah. 

Prophet SAw was shown a dream and a kind of revelation to him through his dream in a certain way. He saw 11 knots, those were interconnected, as he released each one of the knots, he recited each verse. A very powerful verse. Surah Falak. Through extensions Allah is telling to Rasulullah SAW that say I seek protection from the knot of daybreak. 

Surah Al Fatiha is the powerful surah that comes with the benefits of removing evil effects, magics, and diseases from the Human body. 

how to get rid of jinn? Recite Surah al Fatiha which has a great cure and Shifa from any disease. One of the companions of our beloved prophet SAW recites a surah Fatiha on a snake bite patient. The patient started healing with this surah and give the reward of the flock to him. 

Symptoms of jinn possession?

Symptoms of jinn possession?

As you see the person who is alone and doesn’t want to get involved with people. If and shows bad behaviors then it is the condition of something possessed by ghosts. Muslims believe that the zikr of jinn comes in the Quran and its existence is confirmed so that if we find out some symptoms based on it, we will be able to help that person to heal from its effect. 

  • Eccentric Behaviors:
  • Crazy
  • Nightmares
  • Alone 
  • They will be anxious by listening Quran
  • They will not care about cleanliness
  • Ill-mannered
  • They will not eat properly
  • They will look so weak
  • Pale color, dirty nails, 
  • Harm others 
  • Not in senses
  • The mental level will be disturbed
  • Anxious 

 All of these symptoms will label the person to get checked by some religious scholars. Because these people are not good to live with normal people. they can harm others or themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to take them to any healing institute for relief. 


Jinn is the creature of Allah and has found 40 verses on jinn. Allah has revealed in the Quran several Surahs and words that can give you the benefit of protecting yourself from evils, magic, and ghosts. One of the powerful dua to remove jinn from body that is recited by Hazrat Muhammad SAW every night is Surah al Naas and Surah Al Falak. Furthermore, we should avoid places that are strange, weird, or dirty to avoid jinn possession. how to get rid of jinn in the house?  Recite Surah BAqarah in our home to remove jinn from houses and our works. 

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