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Does Sweating Break Wudu (Ablution)?

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WUDU (Ablution) is the purification method in which one body cleans and purifies for prayer. In the Quran our religious Book it is mentioned that to do religious obligations and seek Allah’s Love, and mercy there is a condition of Ablution Wudu for cleanliness and purification. “And Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure”. (9:108)

Wudu is the ultimate solution to wash away all your dirt, bacteria, and harmful germs from the body. Repeatedly doing this shall save you from various kinds of harmful diseases. Our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W Said: “Try to be clean as much as you can. Verily, Allah has based the foundation of Islam on cleanliness; hence, never can a person enter Paradise but the clean ones” [Kanz-ul-‘Ummal, Tradition 26002]. 

According to this, cleanliness is the major part of Muslims to worship of Allah. It is an obligatory one but what is the solution or postulates on sweating? Could it be possible to say a prayer while our body is sweating and secreting the amount of sweat from our pores? So the answer is: 

After reading and researching the top scholars’ lectures about does sweat break wudu? We have reached the point where the sweating is coming out due to warm weather that doesn’t spread odor or any type of rear part secretion. Your wudu is validated. But there are cases and conditions to say prayers. 

1- One should do Wudu as one verse of the Quran is saying: Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves” (Quran, 2:22).

 According to this verse to stand with proper ablution, his prayers will be accepted and rewarded. 

2-if you are in a hurry and can’t be able to do wudu again due to the shortage of salah time. In this case, make sure that your clothes are neat and clean and that you have not defecated, urinated, or passed air from the intestine. If you meet these requirements then you can say a prayer with the previous wudu.

 Does sweating break wudu? Is Ghusl required for sweating? 

These are the top questions that are asked by new Muslims. As far as the matter of sweating, it is okay with that. For people who do exercise in wudu, their wudu never invalidates. until the sweating is stinking, spreading odor, or making your clothes dirty.

Does Sweat invalidate Wudu? There are reasons and factors

Don’t allow shayateen to mess up with your mind. Our Deen Islam is not so hard for us. Remember the time when the companion of our beloved prophet was not using water? Aren’t they performing prayers? Yes, they do and they were consistent in their prayers. So why are the Muslims of today’s time missing time for prayer because of minor issues? These are not big issues. Make sure that if you defecate, are unconscious, in toxic, drugged, or discharge from rear parts of your body those factors don’t allow us to perform prayers. It strictly banned you from cleanliness. 


Can we perform wudu because of sweating? Yes! Our belief is to worship Allah and purify ourselves. We must follow the ethics and obligations but that doesn’t mean skipping prayers due to sweating. You can do it unless you pass dirt, discharge, gas, or get unconscious. Islam has made things easy for us. So don’t skip and miss your namaz due to sweating. 

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Irsha Ikram is a great Islamic researcher, and writer, and have a good command of Quranic writing. She has done Masters's (MS.c Psychology) and Certified Cognitive behavioral therapist and a member of Pakistan & American Psychological Association.

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