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Can You Pray With a Tattoo in Islam?

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_Can You Pray With a Tattoo in Islam

In Sahi Bukhari Volume no.7 hadith no.5943 our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW said: Ibne Masood MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH HIM narrates that:

“Allah curses the women who practice tattooing and who get tattooing done on themselves. And the women who remove the hairs from the face, eyebrows, etc, and the women who make artificial gaps between their teeth to look beautiful, or change the structure of what Allah Subhano Taa’ala has given her. And will I not curse those who the prophet has cursed? Or Allah has cursed in his book”.

In light of this Hadith, it is clear-cut that the Tattoo practice in Islam is Haram. 

The same message is given in the Sahi Muslim Hadith 5  Hadith no. 5573 that Ibne Masood May Allah be pleased with him narrates: “ May Allah curse the women that practices tattooing, and the women that they tattooing on herself.”

So based on these valid hadith both of them are in consensus and say, the highest category of the hadith is the hadith that is available in Sahi Bukhari and sahih Muslim. These two hadith say very clearly that doing tattooing, practicing tattooing, or having tattooing done on yourself. Both are Haram. And Allah Subhan O Taala Curse that people. 

Tattooing means taking the needle and you inject dyes. One of the common ways is that you take out the blood and in place of the blood, you put on dye that may be blue, red, or black. This is called tattooing if it is permanent. 

For anything permanent, you inject a dye and you make a color by injecting the design and whatever it is. And in case, the dye becomes the permanent part of your skin. This type of permanent tattooing is haram in Islam. It is not permitted. 

But if it is done temporarily like using HENNA, Mehandi, etc any color which is temporary for a few days. Then, that is permissible. 

Can You Pray with a Tattoo in Islam?

In the West, it is a huge Practice even among Muslims. Even if it is haram, they are used to apply the permanent shapes of animals, things, or whatever. Even those Muslims who are memorizing the Quran are doing it. So a tragedy for them. Islam doesn’t allow us to do this practice that resembles other religions. They do this because they are not getting the right path of virtues, guidance, or listening to the scholars. Those are in the darkness, away from deen, and Allah has cursed them. 

Putting tattoos on their arms, faces, or body parts, but doing charities, saying prayers….What is this? When Allah has straightforwardly directed us to not follow these bad acts. 

How to repent over it?

The good news is, Allah has opened the doorway of forgiveness for the truthful Momineen. If you have done this and you have got the right guidance of Islam, and you have learned that it is Haram. Then go and repent over it. Allah is so merciful and he said ‘ Ask for forgiveness, and I will forgive him”. 

After repenting of your sins, if still tattoos can’t be removed because they are temporary then don’t worry. It doesn’t affect your prayers, Fast, but one thing you must have to cover these marks all the time. Because you are not a billboard for other Muslims to follow it. So you try your level best to cover it if they are coverable. 


Islam is teaching us the lesson of not getting into shapes, looks, or resembles with non-Muslims in any way. So putting tattoos on yourself is Haram in Islam. The Muslims who follow this practice will be out of the Islamic Zone. We can’t say prayers with Tattoos it is not permissible. Our beloved Prophet has cursed and Allah has also cursed that person or woman who practices tattooing on themselves. Ay Allah keeps us in his protection and on the right path so that we can earn Jannah in akhirah. 

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