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Benefits Of Surah Mulk | 10 Reasons to Recite Surah Mulk Today

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Surah Mulk

This Fa’ani Dunya (World) we reside in is a trial for all of us. We enjoy our lives, and our actions are documented and presented before Allah SWT on the Day of Judgment. No one will care about that other soul when he is held accountable for his actions. A light, the illumination of the Quran, shall appear for us. The reciter of the Quran will reap the valuable benefits of Surah Mulk.

The importance of Surah Mulk (Makki Surah) in the Quran will become our rescuer on the Day of Judgment. It is the Makki surah, which indicates it was disclosed to Medina before Hijrat. The significance of Surah Mulk includes Allah SWT’s Greatness and Sovereignty and how He formed this world flawlessly. He has created human beings, and they have to wander on this world grasping the ropes of Allah SWT; therefore, we should be grateful to Him for every benefit He has showered upon us.

Surah Mulk Benefits: 10 Reasons to Recite Surah Mulk Today

When Should You Read Surah Mulk

With his acts and words, Prophet Muhammad PBUH has led us. He has recommended we recite different surahs at different times and situations. Similarly, Surah Mulk, considered to deliver its reciter from the pain of the tomb, should be recited before lying in bed after Isha.

The Advantages of Reading Surah Mulk every night

A Muslim’s body will spend eternity in the grave. The darkness will surround him, and his only friend will be loneliness. He will be interrogated in his grave about his existence in Dunya, and if he fails, he will face the penalty of the grave. However, those who follow the Quran and Sunnah will discover a glimmer of light inside their tombs.

The reciter of the Glorious Surah Mulk will be able to avoid the darkness and torment of the grave. The Surah will protect him from all kinds of suffering and solitude. As a result, Muslims are urged to recite the Blessed Surah with their hearts at night.

Surah Mulk Demands Allah’s Salvation

Salvation in Islam differs from that of other religions. It can only obtain by submitting to the one true God, Allah, and worship Him. Muslims are born with a pure soul and sinless, but this world’s pollution keeps them in a wicked state.

When a Muslim dies, he relies on his prayers and reasonable actions to enter the gates of paradise. When he recites Surah Mulk on time, it petitions Allah SWT to help him escape the fires of hell. On the day of judgement, it becomes his guardian.

The Benefits of Surah Mulk Before Bed

Through several duas and surahs, our Prophet Muhammad PBUH has taught us how to walk on the correct path. There are particular days and situations when a Muslim should read some surahs that will help him achieve innumerable benefits of Surah Mulk and safeguard them. Surah Mulk is a surah that, when recited at night, assists a believer in gaining rewards and blessings, omitting sins, and elevating his status in significant actions.

During the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, this Surah was regarded as Ma’ani (the preventive) because it protected believers from hellfire and Jahannum.

Surah Mulk’s Intercession for Forgiveness

When the gates of Tawbah shut, and this Faani Dunya is destroyed, we shall all be brought to Allah SWT with the record of our actions. We shall be desperate for positive activities. On that day, a simple good or evil conduct will change our fate and determine our eventual destination.

Surah Mulk Benefits will come to its timely reciter for his supplication (Sha’fah) till he gets a position in heaven amidst the confusion and dread. To preserve ourselves from the raging fires of hell (Jahannum), we must all memorize the Quran daily.

Benefits of Surah Mulk for the Deceased

A Muslim’s terrifying question concerns his time in the grave and akhirah. We live and commit mistakes without knowing that even little transgressions might land us in Jahannum for eternity.

Our Holy Quran, a complete rule of life, is available to us for assistance and direction. We should repeat it regularly and memorize the significant surahs. Surah Mulk is the Surah that can deliver us from the pain of the tomb. If a Muslim dies and used to read the Surah regularly, it will rescue him from all sides of his body.

Surah Al Mulk strengthens our Imaan and keeps us on track.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where despair and anxiety are prevalent. Many individuals identify with the words of the songs and prefer to fall asleep listening to them. We have a gloomy day and get up the next day with the same vigor.

Reciting and pondering on Surah Al Mulk before going to bed, on the other hand, might remind us of the true purpose of life. It can serve as an excellent vehicle for connecting with Allah SWT and maintaining our Imaan.

Strengthen Faith

Muslims believe that Allah provides them with all of it and chooses everything that happens in their lives in various ways. That makes them comprehend the need to read the Quran surah Mulk regularly because they grasp its reason.

To Be a More Aware Individual

Muslims understand that their existence in this world will not endure forever. There will be several events that occur after their death in the afterlife. It is the reason they do not plan everything by performing what must and should not be done according to Islamic law.

Furthermore, Muslims are conscious that their world is not always secure for various reasons. They think that Allah has the power to change anything that occurs in this world, which makes them more aware.

Take the Easier Path in Life

Every Muslim wishes to simplify their everyday lives. They think doing good actions for others, and Allah’s authority can make their desires come true. It is associated with some methods for overcoming guilt in Islam that most Muslims wish to make more straightforward.

How to Memorize Surah Al Mulk Effectively

  •  Create a powerful Niyyah or the intention to remember it.
  • Set daily objectives. Set a goal of memorizing two verses every day, for example.
  • To efficiently remember the Surah, set modest goals for yourself.
  • While memorizing, be prepared to listen to the Surah audio. It will aid with remembering and pronunciation.
  • Make it a habit to review the learned ayahs every day. You can go over them all after any prayer or before bed.
  • Set aside a day to recite the learned verses. On Sunday, for instance, you may not study any new verses, but review learned ones and work on your tajweed.
  • Allow time to think about the Ayah and comprehend its significance thoroughly.
  • Memorize the Surah with the assistance of a Quran master. It will assist you in memorizing the Quran in general.


Surah Al Mulk is essential of Surah Mulk to humanity. It, similar to the other Surahs of the Holy Quran, contains several advantages. Various hadiths emphasize their significance in saving us from the pain of the tomb. It also helps us go to heaven, cleanses us of our misdeeds, And essential to recite this Surah at night. Each believer should remember and recite it to reap immense blessings in this world and the next.

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