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Benefits Of Surah Jinn And Lesson Of Surah Al-Jinn

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The 72nd chapter of the Quran is titled Surah Jinn (Makki Surah). Jinn stands for the creature that Allah created, as suggested by the name. In actuality, this recalls a historical episode involving Jinn, who was unsuccessful in conveying the word of Allah from the heavens. They were informed that a major incident had occurred.

They sought to understand the situation. After some time, they finally encountered the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who was reading Surah Jin. They were aware of what Surah Jinn had revealed. They agreed to the circumstances. Learning about Surah Jinn and the benefits of Surah Jinn is crucial, like any other Surah of Quran Pak like Surah Taha, Surah Muzammil, or Surah Rehman

When was the revelation?

Numerous noteworthy individuals have related various details about the revelation of this Surah.

It was revealed, thus, according to Abdullah bin Abbas (May Allah have mercy on him), while the Prophet Muhammad SAW was in Ukaz for the fair. Allah disclosed this Surah to him when he returned and did the Fajar prayer with his friends.

Some eminent scholars contest that the Prophet Muhammad SAW visited Taif, just a few kilometers from Makkah. Three years had passed since this occurrence. However, it was later determined that this was incorrect for several reasons. There is no reliable evidence for this assertion.

What topics were covered in Surah Jinn?

Several topics have been covered in the benefits of Surah Jinn, including these:

The first element in VV 1–15 describes how the Jinn group was affected when they listened to the Prophet Muhammad SAW recite the Quran. To accomplish the goal, Allah wishes to draw attention to the Jinn band’s impact. Allah teaches us the significance of faith by making the result unmistakable. For this reason, Allah has detailed their whole dialogue.

In verses 16–18, Allah warned the faithful that following the path of Mushrakeen would bring about harsh consequences, yet doing so would bring about blessings.

In verses 19–23, the Mushrakeen of Makkah chastised the people, saying that when the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW addresses them, they encircle and crowd him. However, the messenger’s job is to communicate the command of Allah to the individuals; he lacks the power to help or hurt them.

In verses 24–25, Allah warns Mushrakken that although you are trying to defeat our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW because of his incapacity, you will lose your ability to do so at some point in the future. Allah cautions them, “You cannot comprehend what I perceive of you.”

In verses 26–28, Allah tries to convince the unbeliever that He is aware of their secrets. He’s preventing them from you on purpose. Next, Allah discusses the messages that the Prophet of Allah is attempting to share with us.

The benefits of Surah Jinn:

The success and guidance of the Quran are credited to numerous Hadith. As a result, Allah’s worship should be our exclusive priority, and we should not participate in anything else. Also disclosed are the benefits of Surah Jinn’s symbolic value in Islam. Reciting Surah al-Jinn has the following advantages:

  1.  The Holy Prophet (SAW) and the reciter of the benefits of Surah Jinn shall be together on the Day of Resurrection, according to a narration from Imam Bakir (RA). Surah Jinn also offers protection against Jinn.
  2.  The verses of Surah al-Jinn provide a defense against other people’s wrongdoings.
  3. Prisoners who regularly recite the benefits of Surah Al-Jinn will be released from jail earlier.
  4. To avoid being hungry or experiencing hardship, a person confronting poverty should have entire confidence in the Almighty Allah and recite Surah Al-Jinn.
  5. Keep Surah Al-Jinn Taweez close to you, and your riches and safety will assure.
  6. Regularly reciting Surah Al-Jinn would grant you Allah’s blessings, which will assist you in repaying your obligations as the other Surahs of the Quran provide, like Surah Waqiah.
  7. The benefits of Surah Jinn address the wicked deeds of an unjust individual.
  8. Early release is awarded to prisoners who read Surah Al-Jinn.
  9. Poor people would never experience hunger or poverty if they correctly recite Surah Al-Jinn.
  10. Carrying the benefits of Surah Jinn with you at all times can shield you from Jinn, give you the benefits of reciting Surah jinn in discussions or conflicts, and safeguard your belongings.
  11. Surah al-Jinn is particularly powerful in combating the evil actions of shayateen and demonic spirits.

What happens when you continuously recite Surah Jinn?

The Surah Jinn protects us from the horrors of the world. According to Hadith, reciting Surah Jinn shields one from the wicked activities of Jinn. The Jinn also aids in harmful activities. They can also trick others but don’t have the authority to dominate. Therefore, we should recite Surah Jinn often to get protection from wicked actions and their effects.

if you recite surah jinn then you can get amazing benefits of surah jinn. Read below

1-Free from imprisonment

If the person is under the trial of court cases or convicted then she/he should recite surah jinn regularly to be set free from imprisonment soon. 

2- Safe from Evil Spirits

The person who is possessed or feels fear, nightmares, and scared of things. she/he should recite to get free from the possession of evil spirits. 

3- Safe from Ghosts, Fairies, or Demons

This surah is beneficial for those circumstances i.e houses, offices, factories, or any place that is possessed by demons. Then you must recite the surah jinn day and night constantly to free your place from spirits and their evil effects. 

Recite surah jinn for 21 days for employment, cure for mental illness, and physical diseases.

Who is regarded as Jinn’s father?

Iblis is referred to be Jinn’s father. Iblis formerly enjoyed the title of being the most honorable person. He had the option to visit heaven. Allah had once told him to bow before Adam, but he rejected it. Allah told him to leave Paradise and come to Earth. He notoriously vowed to Allah that he would divert the believers.

Lesson of Surah Al-Jinn

Surah Al-Jinn contains the following lessons, which are described:

  1. After hearing the Qur’an, the Jinn were astounded and decided to convert to Islam.
  2. The Jinn would cast a hint to the skies and listen in on angelic dialogues. They would then convey this knowledge to their acquaintances on Earth, who were also motivated by the divine. The Jinn’s techniques were well guarded when the Qur’an was revealed, and anybody who attempted to follow them would suffer the consequences.
  3. Extreme reverence and prudence are required while discussing Allah.
  4. Allah would thank people in this earthly life if they were committed to following the straight path.
  5. Anyone who neglects to remember Allah shall suffer grievous punishment from Him.
  6. Only Allah should worship in the Masjid; everyone else should not.
  7. Only Allah’s Will has the power to hurt or guide anybody, not even the Prophet (PBUH).
  8. The Burning of Hell, where he will remain all of eternity, will be the punishment for anybody who disobeys Allah and His Messenger.
  9. To prevent the revelation from being disrupted, Allah, the Knower of the Unseen, only grants His knowledge to the messengers He wishes.
  10. Allah is fully aware of everything, including precise statistics.

How to learn Surah Jinn by heart

We must learn Surah Jinn since it has such significance. There are several methods we may use to memorize this Surah. These are what they are. The conventional way is to learn this Surah at a mosque or seminary. We can learn Surah Jinn by heart with the aid of a teacher and scholar.

We may also learn Surah Jinn online; for instance, we can utilize YouTube to listen to this Surah and then remember it frequently. It is important to note that learning this Surah is not required. The PDF of Surah Jinn is also accessible. There is also a tafsir for Surah Jinn.


One of the most well-known Surahs in the Quran is the benefits of Surah Jinn. It posits itself on 28 verses and 72 numerals. Surah Jinn is recited often to shield us from Satan’s misdeeds and ill acts. Even though it is not a mandatory portion to remember, we should do so. We can seek assistance from YouTube, a mosque, an academy teacher, or both. The Wazifa of Surah Jinn can use for a variety of purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What does Islam say about jinns?

In Islam, Muslims Belief a jinn is real and coexists with a human being but mankind can not see or touch the jinn. They are capable of causing mental and physical harm to mankind.  An example of such harm is possession.

What happens if you read surah jinn 41 times?

Recitation of Surah-Al-jinn is very effective to eliminate the effect of demons, Ghosts, and spirits. In case, if you see that your family member or anyone who is suffering from possession of Jinn. So, his family should do wazifa by reciting surah jinn 41 times for 11 days to eliminate the effects on the person. The other way is to wear the amulet of surah jinn in hand with a photocopy of this surah. Insha’Allah the effect of jinn will soon free the person from possession. 

  • Surah jinn benefits are if you recite it  21 times and blow it on your food that will never get less in quantity.
  • Recite surah jinn before sleeping so you will stay safe from nightmares and any ghost trap throughout the night. 
  • If you recite surah jinn for work. Allah salatu salam will open up the doors of opportunities for you. 
  • The surah jinn are safe from enemies during any quarrel. 
  • Surah al jinn is very effective in eliminating wicked spirits, demons, evil ghosts, and shayateen. 

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