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Characteristics And Benefits Of Surah Al Alaq

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Allah SWT creates every human in this world. Have you known the reality of man, how he made us, and how we depend upon our Lord, The Master Of ManKind? Here are the points to describe the theme and history of Revelation Of Surah Al-Alaq.  

When Prophet Muhammad SAW used to isolate himself in the cave of Hirah, the first five ayahs were disclosed to Prophet Muhammad SAW. Later, when he began to pray in the Haram openly, the last verses of the Surah were revealed on two separate occasions. Its fundamental theme is Allah SWT’s relationship with His creation.

Creation Of Mankind, And Worship To Allah SWT

The man’s creation is from a blood clot, and then Allah instructed him with a pen, yet the man was still ignorant after Allah SWT taught him. The hereafter represents man’s return to God after he struggles against God and believes that he is not necessary to Him. It also relates to what happened to those who prevented the Prophet SAW from performing worship.

Meaning Of Word “Alaq”

Alaq is Arabic for “clinging mass” or “blood that has congealed.” Other names for it include Surah Iqra. Different exegetes and Quranic translators have rendered the term “alaq” in various ways.

Most people have claimed it refers to a blood clot, but others have also suggested it relates to an adhering mass or substance. In this context, the first translation is erroneous because, according to science, a human being’s creation is not from a blood clot.

Now we come towards our central theme about the reward and benefits of Surah al-alaq.

What Characteristics Define Surah Al-Alaq?

This benefits of Surah Al Alaq, the central topic of human development. How memorizing, writing, and reading help us learn new information. Alaq is a term used to describe the growth of a fetus, which is the third stage of development. And the creation of man is the main focus—one of the numerous briefs and memorized surahs in the Qur’an.

Why is this Surah so particular? Let’s come and find the benefits of Surah Al Alaq.

The Special Surah

Some surahs are more beloved than others by Allah SWT. These surahs have been accorded this status following some authentic (Saheeh) Hadiths that highlight the virtues of numerous surahs, including Surah Alaq. They are distinguished from the other 114 surahs by the specific subject of each address. Rules, manners, tales, and noteworthy occasions are all contained in them.

The First Revelation

The Prophet SAW first received revelation in these first five Ayahs of this Surah. Gibrael, an angel, presented it to him in the Hira cave when he spent several days alone, alone with his meals and worship.

Evidence Of Prophethood

The Prophet SAW was not literate or a writer as was widely known. And all of his words came from his heart. People began referring to him as Sadiq al Amin because of his reputation for honesty and truthfulness.

It was a miracle, and the Prophet SAW made this revelation public. He couldn’t have come up with such original words. God has chosen Hazrat Muhammad to be His Prophet and the source of the Quran so that it would be distinct and provide proof.

When they saw and heard him read these incredibly profound and lyrical sentences, people immediately realized that he was not a man, and indeed not an untrained person. They concluded that these must be the words God delivered to them, as he claims, as they came to them.

Consists Of Azaaim

The benefits of Surah Al-Alaq contain one of the four Azaa’im, which necessitates the performer to bow down. Allah SWT has made it necessary for us to bow at the recitation of these surahs: I’m Sajdae Tilaawa. There are four: surah Al-Sajdah, surah An Najm, surah Fussilat, and surah Al Alaq. Some schools of thought claim there are 14, while others claim there are just four.

Revolt By Humans

These Surah Al Alaq verses discuss man’s disobedience to God. He becomes unaware of all his blessings when he believes he is entirely independent and does not need God. Everything that Allah SWT has given him in the benefits of Surah Al Alaq he disregards. While without God, we are worthless. We lack everything, and we lack knowledge.

He is the source of all life and the one who created us. He meets all our demands and takes care of our business without our knowledge. Allah warns us that we will have to return to him, so we should be cautious in whatever we do.

Benefits Of Reciting Surah Al Alaq

A Shelter From Jinns

The actual creation of Allah SWT, jinns possess both virtue and evil. We can defend ourselves against jinn evil thanks to the means Allah SWT created for us. Reciting what the Prophet SAW has narrated in his sunnah for us will be an efficient way to do it. The benefits of Surah Al-Alaq also include shelter from jinns. In the same way as Ayatul Kursi and the Mu’awwidhatayan (Surah Al Alaq is one of the surahs.)

Level Of A Martyr

Reporting by the Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (Radi-Allahu-tala-anhu) is to have narrated the advantages of reciting Surah Alaq. That narration concludes that Whoever recites Surah ‘Al-Alaq will give you the level of a martyr if any person recites this Surah on any day or night and if that person dies on either that same day or the night. When he lived on the Day of Judgment, he became a martyr. And in the presence of our last Prophet SAW, He would restore him as someone who has participated in the holy struggle on Allah’s behalf.

Recite Surah Al Alaq Before Journey Or Traveling

It is essential to recite this Surah before traveling so that the traveler will avoid disasters, difficulties, and anxieties. And if he were on a ship, Allah would prevent him from drowning if a similar circumstance arose on the sea or a river.

Getting The Reward Of Reciting A Complete Quran

Insha’Allah, those who recite this Surah will be granted the same reward as those who memorize the entire Quran and those who battle for Allah. Repeating it over a treasure keeps it secure.

Allah SWT Save Your Property

If someone says this verse over their storeroom or godown, Allah will protect them from all types of disasters, theft, and looting. If it is a treasure or anything, it is safe. His riches and belongings will keep it secure there. To ensure your money and get a blessing, you can also recite Surah Ar-Rahman, Surah Al Waqiah, and Surah Alam Nashrah.

Get The Thawab Of A Shaheed

Whoever recites will receive the shaheed’s thawab. If you want to make your rank high in Jannah, you can also recite Surah Taghabun.


Never should we, as humans, believe that we can live independently on this planet. Even if we manage to survive here somehow, Allah is still testing us, and at some point, we must answer to him for our actions. These are the benefits of Surah Al Alaq mentioned above. Here is the man’s mind’s acceptance of how our Lord loves as he created us from a blood clot and made us alive for worshiping him.


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