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Lessons & Benefits of Reciting Surah Luqman

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Lessons Of Reciting Surah Luqman

Surat Luqman is placed in the thirty-first chapter of the Holy Quran. The revelation of Surah Luqman (Makki Surah) occurs on Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam in Mecca. Luqman’s name signifies the pious man to whom Allah has given his wisdom. Luqman’s name is mentioned in the Holy Quran 31 chapter. Surah Luqman has 34 verses. Luqman is one of the sixth Surahs that started from Alif Lam Mim.

Benefits of reciting Surah Luqman

1-Companion of Luqman on the day of judgment 

The prophet Sallallahu alyhi wa Sallam said that whoever recites surah Luqman will be the companion of Luqman on the day of judgment. 

2-Allah’s protection

The person who will recite Surah Luqman will be under Allah’s protection and Allah will reward him 10 times the number of those who enjoin the good and forbid Evil.

3-Angels protection

The benefit of reciting surah Luqman is who will recite Surah Luqman will be under Angel’s protection.

4-Protection from shaitan

If you recite surah Luqman benefits and Protect you against Shaitan till the next morning and if you recite this in the morning and yours will protect you against shaitan till sunset

5-Cure for Stomach illness

The benefits of reciting surah Luqman is Reciting this surah 7 times and blowing on the water. And give this drink to the sufferer. Insha’allah he will get well soon with this shiffa. If you recite Surah Luqman on a Chinese plate and clean it with water and wash it, give it to a person that is suffering from a stomach ache to drink. It will be enough for removing illness from the stomach ache and the person will be cured. If the fever person recites Surah Luqman he will get cured. 

6-Relieve from wounds 

If the blood is coming out from any bounds in your body then recite Surah Luqman on a piece of paper and tie it to the wound to stop the blood and it will heal soon. you will get Surah Luqman benefits endlessly in terms of instant healing of wounds. 

7-Ousting of a tyrant

Surah Luqman benefits anybody who will write Surah Luqman and put it in the house of Art and there will be an ouster of a tyrant power soon.

8- benefits of surah Luqman during pregnancy

Pregnant women must recite surah Luqman in 1st trimester which will be helpful in the development of the fetus’s brain, mental faculties, and nervous system. 

9-Surah Luqman benefits of traveling on the sea

The one who has fear of traveling through the sea. The surah Luqman benefits him for a safe journey. 

Virtues  from surah Luqman 

Muslims seek wisdom that is closer than their circle of thinking. In surah, Luqman Allah has disclosed eight ayat to summarize the wisdom of Luqman. In this, I will find a series of interconnected topics, lessons, and facts that range from our relationship with Allah and how we can communicate with him. There are also so many topics not hence and realities that make up our fantasies. We are leaving these pearls of wisdom behind. 

Allah didn’t mention ao many prophets in the Quran. But he chooses Luqman, a pious man with his wisdom. Why was it so special to him? 

In surah Luqman Allah is saying: 

And We had certainly given Luqman wisdom, be grateful to Allah. And whoever is grateful is grateful for himself. And whoever denies it. Then indeed Allah is free of need and praiseworthy. Quran 31:12

A wise person means a person who has a lot of knowledge and knows greater than all. But in surah Luqman. Allah is saying wisdom is before knowledge. He stated that the beginning of wisdom and knowledge is gratitude. Gratitude means giving credit to someone else. In a way, you are being humble to him. That is the definition of gratitude.   In Quran, Allah says: if you are thankful, I will give you more 14:7

Lessons of Surah Luqman 


The other lesson given to us through syrah Luqman is disbelief. It is stated in Quran that: 

“And, when Luqman said to his son while I was instructing him, o my son, don’t associate anything with Allah. Indeed, association with him is a great injustice”. 

Explanation in surah Luqman, Luqman is advising his son to don’t do shirk. And not to associate anything else with Allah.

According to this Ayat mentioned in Luqman, with gratitude, Allah will be given us Mercy and rewards. In any case, we deny the favors of Allah in this way we have to view them to someone else. 

Worshiping idols is not the only form of association and especially if it also comes when you associate with anything else. 

In the Quran it is stated, have you seen he who has taken as his God his Desire? 45:23

The foundation of our relationship with ALLAH is gratitude for the good. In the Quran, as in Surah Fatiha with Alhamdulillah.

All praise is due to Allah the master of the world. 1:1

When you pay gratitude to anything you will become humble. That is a lesson from the surah Luqman and arrogance will be left. The only word that has a distinct belief and Faith is gratitude.

Parents and child relation 

Another lesson taught by Surah Luqman is parent and child relations. 

In Quran Allah says:

And we have enjoined upon man care for his parents. His mother carried him in weakness upon weakness. And his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to me, and to your parents. To me, it is the final destination. 

The ayat also mentions gratitude towards Allah and our parents. In this surah, Allah is commanding us to be good to our prayers and Luqman is counseling his son.

Most of the time we forget about the pains and weaknesses that the mother has given in bringing up in the womb. In this Surah, Allah is reminding us about the sacrifices of our mother, and the contributions of our mother that alone deserve the greatest gratitude eternal gratitude.

Also, the contribution of fathers happens when the offspring become wise. They should advise their son or children the way Luqman lovingly did to his son. If we don’t teach our children to be grateful to Allah they will most likely become ungrateful to their parents too.

Allah says in the Quran: 

“But if they endeavor to make you associate with me that of which you do not know, do not obey them, but accompany them in the world with appropriate kindness and follow the way of those who turned back to me. then to me will be your return, and I will inform you about what you used to do”.

Allah is all-knowing

Nothing is hidden from God, everything is exposed to him. What have you done in private or what have you done in open? He knows everything and in Islam, we can’t picturise a god we must-have thanks to the understanding and tiny fraction of who he is. The story of the seed reveals the power and precision of Allah. Likewise, if your master commands you to do these things, you have to submit to him all that Commandments. 

Prayer, promoting goods, and protection from evil

“O My son establishes prayers enjoin what is right forbid what is wrong and be patient over what befalls you. indeed, this is of the determination of the matter”. 

In Surat, Luqman Allah is advised to understand the duties towards God and parents and establish prayers and forbid all wrong deeds and have patient sabar. Stand up to the truth, never get out of control, stay humble, show gratitude, and stay calm. Indeed, these are all the ethics that one must be determined on the right path of virtue. 

Body language

“And so do not turn your cheek toward people and don’t walk through the earth exultantly. Indeed, Allah does not like everyone self-deluded and boastful”.

The behavior of walking with arrogance doesn’t suit the believers. And Allah has forbidden it to be done through surah Luqman. 

Pace and voice 

Allah is saying through surah Luqman to not raise your voices and live at your pace. And indeed the most disgraceful voice is of the donkey. So be moderate in your talks and talking. 

Hazrat Umar ibne Khitab said that: 

Raise your heads man, indeed, humility is not in the necks, it’s rather in hearts. 


Surah Luqman is the 31 chapter of the Holy Quran that consists of 34 verses. This surah is full of hikmat and wisdom that Allah has given to the Prophet Luqman. In this surah, Luqman is advising his son and lessons to say the prayer, not stand with arrogance, not raise your voice, not shirk, personality, body language, and Ikhlaq-e-Husana. Surah Luqman has a cure for several diseases and is the best surah in the first trimester of pregnancy. Surah Luqman benefits in so many ways by adding this surah to your daily practice to get a cure for any illnesses. Don’t forget to praise Allah, and his attributes, and pay gratitude to your parents. So that Allah will give you rewards in Dunya and Akhirah.  

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