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10 Benefits Of Reciting Surah Fatiha | Meaning & Definition

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10 Benefits Of Reciting Surah Fatiha

Surah Fatiha benefits and lessons that will change our living from sadness to happier in terms of our relationships, occupational and religious life, and so on. Allah is reflecting in this surah the pearls for Muslims that they should understand. Before starting, let’s have a look at the definition of the surah Fatiha then we move on to surah fatiha benefits.

Meaning and Definition of Surah Fatiha: THE KEY/OPENER

 The primary and literal meaning of surah Fatiha is the Opener/The Key. Allah placed it in the very first chapter of the Holy Quran, and the importance of this surah is that All Muslims should recite it in every salah. How important this surah is, that Allah Salato asalam has made it the first chapter of the Holy Quran. Surah Fatiha has 7 verses and it is Makki Surah

Surah Fatiha is so amazing that as you open it it will tell you about what has hidden in it. It is a small surah rather it is powerful, powerful in its meaning, in its impact on the reader, it is powerful for Muslims and it is all defined according to the Quran and Sunnah. And there is no excuse for any Muslims to not be able to read surat al Fatiha correctly. Because for the sunnah of our beloved Holy prophet Muhammad SAW: “the prayer is not accepted unless we read surat al Fatiha”. It means to read it correctly. So there will be no excuse for Muslims that they don’t know how to read surah. 

So here we are listing down the top 12 Surah Fatiha benefits 

Surah Al fatiha Benefits 

 There are uncountable benefits of reciting surah Fatiha, as it covers all aspects of life. There are benefits of surah al fatiha hidden in this surah. Have a look at each.

1-Surah Al fatiha is Shiffa 

The other name of the surah Fatiha is surah Shifa. The person who is suffering from any disease, illness, or any other medical condition. The surah fatiha benefits is that the person who will recite it 40 times and blow it on the ill person or blow it on the water will be cured of disease Soon Insha Allah taala.

2-surah Fatiha 41 times benefits

The benefits of reciting surah Fatiha 41 times is that the person who will recite surah Fatiha 41 times and blow it on a patient who is suffering from a severe medical condition, will be cured instantly, Insha Allah. This wazifa should be done between farz and sunnah of fajr. You can also blow it on the water and make the person drink it for shifa. 

3-benefits of reciting surah Fatiha 7 times

This is the best Wazifa for headaches. The person who is suffering from chronic headaches must recite surah al Fatiha 7 times. The benefits of reading surah fatiha 7 times is that the person will get rid of chronic headaches. 

4- benefits of reciting surah al Fatiha 100 times

The person who wants to make their wishes comes true must recite surat al Fatiha 100 times with full Bismillah. With the power of this surah, you will get your desired thing soon. Insha Alla. 

5-surah Fatiha 1000 times benefits

With this wazifa, if you are facing poverty, low income, or facing unemployment issues. Then recite surah Fatiha 1000 times to increase wealth and income soon. 

6- the person will be free from a lawsuit

If you are trapped in any lawsuit, fraud, or legal trap. Recite surah Fatiha as much as you can. With this power, Allah will make out the way for you, or you will get bail, and get free from a lawsuit soon. Insha Allah. 

7-safe journey

If someone is going to travel for a long journey they should recite surah Fatiha for a safe journey. 

8-this surah solves the troubles

If someone gets involved in trouble and can’t figure out a way to overcome it. They should start reciting surah Fatiha to overcome their troubles.

9- get rid of bad habits

If someone is involved in bad habits and wants to get rid of them, such as adultery, gaming, robbery, and others, they should recite surah Fatiha for quick treatment. 

10- success in business

The person who wants success in business must recite surah Fatiha for achieving goals and success in business. 


Although it is a very small verse surah, it is compiled with so many benefits, rewards, Allah’s mercy, and love. First of all, the word comes in the first Ayah which is Hammad. That means, All Hammad is for Allah Almighty, who is the creation of the entire universe, from our birth to our afterlife he has his control. 

The word Shukar comes after that. So, Allah is the Rabul Alamin means he is the God of the entire universe, humans, other creations, animals, hills, mountains, every living organism, and those we don’t know beneath the earth above the skies. All of the creation’s creator is Allah. Then, Malik e Youm idiin. States that he is the Rab of the last day. Yes, the Lord of the resurrection day. That day is when our actions will be accountable and we get a reward for our deeds in the form of paradise or hellfire. 

Then, in surat the verse is iyyaka Na’a budo wa iyaka Nastae’in. This is a very important line. That signifies the help and assistance from Allah in every matter, and command that Allah has commanded us. Additionally, everything is impossible without his assistance. So we worship Allah and seek his assistance. With love, hope, and fear. Then, in the next verse that is explaining, about the Dua, To seek the right path of virtue. 

Who are steadfast and firmest on the truth, and the shahada those who fought and martyred in the path of Allah and the Saalehin the righteous and pious? These are examples who followed the path of Allah, who they are, and also the reminder that we are not lonely. In the last ayah, Allah is explaining about those who keep their anger and who are barely and those who have gone astray. Some of the Jews and Christians, the Jews, ones on Allah invoke his anger because they knew the truth. 

They were in Medina because the description of Madina was in their books. And they reject the truth even though they know it. Therefore, Allah Subhan O Taala invokes their anger upon him. In this, the objective is that don’t be like those who know the truth but are rejected, and those who worship Allah in arrogance. 


We have listed the top surah Fatiha benefits to bring ease to your life. Although it is a very small surat it is the key and opener of your difficulties. This is a big shift in illness. Try to recite this surah in your daily practice that will bring joy, happiness, and Allah’s love for you. 

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