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13 benefits of reciting Surah Ash-Shams | Importance & Facts

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Surah Shams (sometimes spelled Ash-Shams) is the 91st chapter of the Quran. Its English name, “the Sun,” originates from this Quranic surah, specifically Chapter 30. It consists of fifteen verses that were revealed to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) at Makkah.

The Surah Shams is a great surah for many reasons. It is said to have powerful powers, including preventing paralysis. If you are ever paralyzed due to fear, you can recite this surah to yourself and blow on yourself. It will help you to overcome your fear and help you live a peaceful life.

The word “Shams” is used several times in the Surah. It is also used to describe the fate of the prophet Thamud. This chapter is one of the most important chapters in the Quran and is divided into three parts. The first half describes the fate of Thamud.

Meaning of Surah Shams

The Meaning of Surah Shams begins with The word ‘Thamood’ which is an Arabic word that means “disobedient people.” The tribe of Thamud was the first to disobey Allah Almighty, killing the messenger of Allah Almighty and neglecting the purification of their carnal soul. As a result, they were destroyed.

The meaning of the Arabic word ‘ma’ is complex. The word ‘ma’ is often translated as a question, but it can also mean ‘what’. The word can also refer to attributes of Allah Almighty. The Qur’an often urges people to reflect on the universe.

The second word ‘damdama’ can mean ‘to destroy,’ “to cut off the roots of a person” or “to hamstring an animal.” This is a harsh punishment for disobeying Allah Almighty, and it is the punishment for sin. The term ‘damdama’ is also a verb that can mean ‘to surround, encircle, and involve.

Surah Shams is the last part of the Quran and contains fifteen verses. This Surah is a continuation of the first Surah and continues the same themes it has discussed. In addition, it mentions the Divine essence, and oaths to prove salvation. In essence, this Surah restates the major point of man’s life. It guides the individual towards true Islamic principles.

The revelation of Surah Shams

When Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) faced much resistance to his appeal for atheism, Allah Almighty revealed the Surah known as Shams to him. The content and style of recitation of this Surah suggest that it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he was in Makkah, hence it is referred to as a Makki surah in the Quran. The events recounted in this Surah demonstrate the tremendous pressure that the Messenger of Allah Almighty faced to abandon his beliefs and embrace Islam as the true religion.

Hadiths about Surah Shams

With regards to the merits of reading this Surah, we refer to a tradition related to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), who is said to have said:

“Reciting Surah Shams is compared to donating (in Allah’s method) to whatever the sun and moon shine upon.”

And without a doubt, whoever keeps the majestic meaning of this small Surah constantly present in his mind and realizes that it is his continual task to “purify the carnal spirit,” is the rightful owner of this vast magnificence.

In the Holy Quran, the chapter Surah Shams (which means ‘the Sun’) is one of the most important. The text begins with an oath taken in the name of a celestial body, then proceeds with verses about the relationship between man’s soul and Allah Almighty.

 It also describes the fate of Thamud. Surah Shams is one of the most important chapters of the Quran, and it is an essential one to learn. The chapter’s theme is to purify oneself and the soul of man. This process will ultimately lead to success and salvation.

One of the most popular benefits of reciting Surah Shams is that it encourages a person to contemplate the beautiful illustrations of Allah Almighty. For example, one can reflect on the sun, the moon, the night, and the day. Another example is the human experience in the desert.

Lessons in Surah Shams

In Surah Shams, we learn how Allah’s knowledge of the human soul is reflected in the world’s creation. Simply and profoundly, this surah addresses a wide variety of issues and concerns, including how to make good choices, how to avoid wrongdoing, and how to live a peaceful and honorable life.

This surah is divided into three parts. Surah Shams begins with a solemn oath. The surah describes the fate of the Thamud tribe. This tribe was commanded by the prophet Saleh to worship God alone, but they refused to listen and slaughtered the she-camel and killed her. As a result, God destroyed their tribe.

The surah shows how Allah Almighty provides examples of two groups of people with contrasting characteristics: the Prophet Hazrat Salih (A.S), and the people of Thamud. The Thamud were the people who challenged the Prophet and killed the miracle camel. This teaches us that there is no “good” without an opposite.

Surah Shams Benefits

Reciting Surah Shams can provide many benefits for your health and well-being. Its Revelation and Meaning will help you gain wisdom, gain strength, and be more popular. Here are the main reasons to recite this sacred verse:

1.  Benefits of Reciting Surah Shams for Infertility

The recitation of Surah Shams can help a person who is infertile conceive a child. The surah focuses on the power of Allah Almighty and the signs of creation. It begins with the sun as a sign of Allah’s Almighty power, and moves on to the day, night, and heaven and earth. The surah also talks about the human soul.

2.   Surah Shams Benefits for Physical and Spiritual Protection

Reciting Surah Shams has many benefits for your life. First of all, it protects from evil. This is true for both physical and spiritual harm. This prayer protects you from all sorts of threats and can help you protect your wealth and life.

3.   Reciting Surah Shams Makes Your Attitude Positive

Surah Shams teaches you to be more successful and has other positive aspects. You will become more courageous and successful if you learn to recite this surah. Reciting this surah regularly will help you become a better person, and will also make you more attractive to people.

4.   Reciting Surah Shams Make You Worthy for Allah Almighty’s Love

Another benefit of reciting surah shams is that it makes you worthy of Allah Almighty’s love. This prayer will bring you closer to Allah Almighty and help you achieve paradise.

5.   Surah Shams Benefits for Mental Health

Reciting Surah Shams can improve your mental state and provide you with a variety of benefits. The word “Shams” is used several times throughout the text and means “sun”. It is said that the surah helps one realize the greatness of Allah Almighty and His signs throughout the world. The surah also deals with the human soul and how it is connected to the world.

Reciting the Quran will help you overcome problems with your mental and physical health. It will also help you gain strength and help you get rid of your trembling. It will also help you become a better person and more popular with the people. When you recite Surah Shams daily, you will be protected from all types of harm and will become more popular among people.

6.   Reciting Surah Shams Make You Prosperous

Another benefit of reciting Surah Shams is that it will make you more prosperous. It will remove your fears of poverty and bring the blessings of Allah Almighty into your home. It will also protect you from psychic attacks and malicious spells. In addition, it will help you forgive your sins and will make your halal wishes come true.

7.   Surah Shams Benefits for Poverty

It will protect you from evil and poverty. It can help you to overcome the fear of remaining poor. Reciting Surah Shams can protect a person from harm and help him achieve his goals. It can help you overcome poverty, and it will keep you safe.

8.   Reciting Surah Shams Beneficial for Pregnant Women

You should recite this surah at least once a day. It is beneficial for pregnant women, as it protects their unborn child. Reciting Surah Shams 41 times during pregnancy can provide great peace of mind. Reciting Surah Shams can also prevent you from suffering from fever.

9.   Surah Shams Benefits for Purify Heart

Reciting Surah Shams is considered a way of purifying the heart and reducing a person’s suffering. It is said that if a person recites Surah Shams for 60 days, he will receive sixty rewards, be forgiven sixty sins, and be raised 60 levels higher in Allah Almighty’s hierarchy.

10.  Surah ash Shams Benefits in Grave & the Day of Judgment

Reciting Surah Shams helps protect a person from suffering from problems in the morning and at night. It is also said that the recited surah protects from squeezing in the grave. It is also said that it makes difficult stages in the hereafter easier to pass through. Furthermore, it is said that a person who recites Surah Shams regularly will be numbered among the Prophet’s companions on the Day of Judgment.

11.  Surah Shams Benefits who has no Fear of Allah Almighty

The Quran contains more than ten words for fear. Of these, khawf is the most common word and is used to describe the fear of upcoming danger. For example, a person who is afraid of severe weather should prepare himself or herself accordingly. Having this kind of fear keeps a person from transgressing the limits of Allah Almighty.

The Qur’an emphasizes Allah’s attributes as the creator of the world and the ruler of sight and hearing. Those who believe in Allah Almighty will say, “Allah Almighty!” and accept these attributes. It is this belief and acceptance of Allah Almighty’s attributes that help a person’s Iman.

Moreover, fear of Allah Almighty can be induced by knowledge. The more a person knows about Allah Almighty, the more he/she fears Him. This is because a person who knows more about Allah Almighty feels more scared and shy in front of Him. This, in turn, increases the love of Allah Almighty in the heart.

If a person has no fear of Allah Almighty, he will commit sins without realizing the consequences. The fear of punishment can become even greater when the person commits sins, or if he/she cannot repent. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the person isn’t afraid of Allah Almighty.

Fear of Allah Almighty can also be instilled by reading the biographies of Prophets. Knowing the greatness of Allah (SWT) can strengthen one’s fear of punishment and thus encourage a person to perform good deeds. Furthermore, the fear of punishment will eradicate idleness, making it an essential discipline for a believer.

12.   Surah e Shams Benefits who has no Fear of the Consequences of his Actions

There are many reasons a person may not feel fear. Disease or brain damage can impair the circuitry in the brain that produces the fear response. For example, a person with Parkinson’s disease may not feel fear. Another reason is trauma, such as a car accident. In some cases, a person without a fear response might not be aware of the risks involved in an activity.

13. Surah e Shams Benefits who has no Fear of Retribution

Surah Shams is an Arabic verse that describes the retribution of Allah’s creation. It begins with the sun, continues with the moon, day, and night, and concludes with the heavens and the earth. The shams chapter describes the different types of punishment for each group of creation. The verses emphasize how Allah Almighty rewards good works and destroys unjust ones, and the purpose of this chapter is to warn us against wrongdoing.

A person who practices Taqwa will avoid committing sins and will not harm people. The word “taqwa” means “pure heart,” and is a key to living a good life. It is also important not to kill someone, as that would be blasphemous.

Surah Shams teaches us that our oaths to Allah Almighty are very important. They are the greatest in the Qur’an, and they affect the future of humankind. This is why Allah Almighty encourages us to keep our oaths.

Facts of Surah Shams

Surah Shams is one of the most essential surahs in Islam. It explains the nature of good and evil and how they are opposite to each other. Reciting Surah Shams is beneficial to our souls as well as to our physical health. Supplication is known to increase our courage and sustenance.

The surah’s rhythm and rhyme are well-known. The main ayah begins with aesthetic touches from nature and phenomena and lays the framework for its subject matter – man’s nature, his choice of action, and his responsibility for his fate.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the subject matter of Surah Shams?

Answer: This surah references the Thamood tribe, who ignored Allah Almighty’s messenger’s warnings and slaughtered the she-camel before succumbing and being wiped out.

Q2: Why should we study Surah Shams?

Answer: Surah Shams feeds, bolsters, and befriends them. Surah Ash-Shams helps epileptics. Ash-Shams safeguards life and property. That’s why we need to recite it on daily basis.

Q3: In Surah Shams, how many times does Allah Almighty swear?

Allah showed us virtue and evil. As with many surahs, this chapter swears by one of Allah Almighty’s creatures. In this surah, the sun, moon, and earth make 11 vows.


The conclusion of the benefits of Surah Shams relates to the purification of the ‘carnal soul’ from vice. It also discusses some of the same themes discussed in previous Surahs. These include the eleven greatest subjects of creation, the Divine essence, and oaths that prove one’s salvation. In addition, this Surah restates the most important educational point in a man’s life, leading him to authentic Islamic principles.


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