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Are Parents Responsible For Their Children’s Sins In Islam

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Parenting is the process of childbearing from pregnancy, early age, and the suckling period. Then the other phase starts which is taking serious attention to a child’s personality i.e child-rearing. All of their progress, achievements, failures, success, and personality built up are directly linked with the parenting style. Parenting is like the mirror in which the children will reflect the behaviors, actions, deeds, or sins that the parents have done. 

It is the most serious thing and most important rather than any job, work, or matter in this world. Good parenting effects will take them on the right path, virtues, and understanding about their hereafter. While the bad parenting will eventually drag them into the darkness in this world and akhirah. No doubt, the responsibility of a parent including the father and mother will be questioned on the day of judgment about their child’s upbringing. Have they done well with their children? Or have they indulge them in the hollow, darkness, or suffering with ill souls? 

Basic point:

This is the duty of the parents to not only teach their children good behavior but the difference between right and wrong. In the Quran, there are a lot of verses pointing to this subject. 

Allah says: your God has decreed that thou shalt worship only him and adopt good behavior with thy parents. (Quran, 17:23)


It is the right of the child to get the teachings and behaviors from their parents that will enable them to differentiate between halal and haram. On that, parents will get the reward for their child’s deeds. Of course, they’re responsible for their sins and wrong deeds in case they don’t get the right orders from their parents. Parents are responsible for their child’s acts and behaviors. Most importantly, parents should teach their children the right religious education that will benefit them in the world or akhirah. 

What Quran says about it:

There is nothing more dangerous or calamity than one who befalls from religious commitments. Haven’t their parents taught them respectable and sinful deeds? The one whose children will commit the act that takes him/her away from deen, their parents will be punished and in hell fire in akhirah. 

In Quran (Al-Furqan 25:74) Allah clearly stated: And those who say: “O lord bestowed us from our wives and our offsprings the comfort of our eye, and make us leaders of Muttaqoon”.  

In this ayah, it is mentioned that those who seek Allah’s mercy and love through kindness, virtues, and doing religious obligations will be rewarded and in Allah’s protection. Those who are on the right path for Deen will be awarded on the day of judgment. The rest of them are wandering in darkness and are wrongdoers. This is a big calamity for those. And no one can save them from hellfire except Allah. 

Parents must guide their children about the definition of Islam, the things that are restricted, and sins that take heavy punishment in Qayamat. If they don’t do so, they will be in hellfire. 

Al tahreem (66:6) “O who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families from hellfire”

Children’s Good deeds Rewards for Parents

According to hadees: “the person teaching someone to do an exemplary deed is like the one performing the good deeds” 

According to this context of hadees, if parents instruct their children about the religious obligations, Farz ACTS, and the actions to stay away from sins will ultimately get the reward of their right teachings. 

You will get rewards as hajj from these adequately doing described below that will give the parents a lot of ajar in Dunya and Akhirah

Remembering Allah from Fajar to sunrise

Anas Ibn-e-Malik reported: Holy Prophet SAW said: whoever says fajr prayer in congregation then sit calmly and start remembering Allah till the sunrise. Then he will pray two rakah he will be rewarded with a swab like the Hajj and Umrah. (Tirmidhi)

Women who say a prayer at home and sit until sunrise and remember Allah will get the same reward. 

Say Congregational prayer in Masjid 

Holy Prophet SAW said: if one of you will ablution and go to masjid for congregational prayer. Then they will be rewarded similar reward to Hajj Pilgrims. (Abu Dawud). 

Performing Friday prayer

The children who say Friday prayer will give a gift from Allah in the form of maghfirat and ajar. It has great benefits for Muslims to say Friday prayer. 

Those wrong deeds of children could punish their parents in Qayamat and grave

If the parents didn’t teach their children the right religious obligations, not saying prayers, but keeping fast will be punished.

The messenger of Allah says: “A person neglecting his Salah even though he makes it up later shall remain in jahnoom for a period of one huqb”.

The parents shall be responsible for their children’s wrong deeds for example:

  • Shirk
  • Theft
  • Consuming the property of orphans
  • Injustice
  • Not saying prayers
  • Not paying zakat
  • No fasting

At which age parents should stop and advise them to stay away from Allah’s punishment?

In the UK, the U.S.A, and new Muslims are asking this question many times, Are Parents Responsible for their Children’s Sins And at which age do parents stop their advice to their children that will save them from punishment by Allah?

If your children are sinning and the parent knows about it but parents do nothing to stop them so that they will be held accountable for their acts. And they are responsible for children’s deeds until they die.


Are Parents Responsible for their Children’s Sins Yes, parents are responsible for their child’s actions until they die. Our Holy Prophet SAW said: “All of you are a shepherd, and every shepherd is responsible to his family”. For example, if parents see that their sons are smoking or their daughters are not wearing hijabs. The parent must stop them and tell them that it is haram. In case youths show relentless, defiant. In this situation, parents must show an objection in the form of boycotting with children. If any parents go in haram actions of their children. Then they shall be apostates, disbelievers, and for them, there is no mercy from Allah. 

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